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Leonid Gaidai Iovich

( filmmaker)

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Biography Leonid Gaidai Iovich
photo Leonid Gaidai Iovich
Iovich Leonid Gaidai was born January 30, 1923. In 1941 he went to serve in the army. Shortly after the outbreak of World War II by Leonid Gaidai from Mongolia was transferred to the Kalinin Front and sent to explore, as well as in school, he taught German language. But after being seriously wounded sergeant Gaidai the reserve. In 1947, Leonid Gaidai graduated from drama school at the Irkutsk regional theater, a few years playing the local theater scene, and in 1949 he joined the faculty of directing VGIK. While studying Gaidai met with Nina Grebeshkova, which will soon marry him. Although in the early career of Leonid Gaidai supported such masters of Soviet cinema, as Ivan Pyr'ev and Mikhail Romm, the fate of the director took shape not so simple. Only in 1961 was shot a short film, which announced the birth of extraordinary comedy. It was "Dog Mongrel and unusual cross". That it first appeared the famous trio Experienced - Truth - The Goonies. In the wake of the success of "Dog Barboza" director set a new short film - "moonshiners". Full-length comic strip he took off in 1963 - "Business People" in the picture weighed such actors as Richard Plyatt, Yuri Nikulin, G. Vitsin, A. Smirnov, and short story "The leader of the Redskins" was a masterpiece of Soviet comedy. Year of reference as the "golden decade Gaidai" can be called in 1965, when the country went on the screens the film "Operation" Y "and other adventures Shurik Alexander Demyanenko in the title role. This comedy immediately fell in love with the audience, and so far it looks with pleasure. "The Caucasian Captive, or The New Adventures of Shurik (1967) won the audience an even greater success, and many phrases from this film - as, indeed, of many films Gaidai - immediately proved to be" winged ". Next, . detective, . comedy film directed by Leonid Gaidai - "Diamond Hand" with Yuri Nikulin as unforgettable Seeds Semenycha Gorbunkova - at the box office once again took first place and on a poll of "Soviet Screen" ahead of even "The New Adventures of the elusive",
. Among the undoubted successes director - the film "Ivan Vasilyevich changing profession" (1973), staged the play by Mikhail Bulgakov, the main role in it brilliantly played by Yuri Yakovlev and Leonid Kuravlev. In the 1980's film directed by Leonid Gaidai although not collect such banner-headlines, . they continued to enjoy viewing popular, . and among them is worth mentioning "Sportloto-82" and "For the matches", . marked interesting actor's work of Michael Pugovkina, . than once rented from Gaidai, . Yevgeny Leonov, Vyacheslav and Innocent,
. In November 1993, the famed director in hospital and 19 November, he was gone. But his films continue to amuse the audience ...

  • Page L. I. Gaidai in the "Encyclopedia of Film" on megaportals "Cyril and Methodius". Biography, picture, frame from the film, filmography (more than 20 movies with annotations), information about the awards.

  • A Biography. Gaidai, abstract of his most popular films "Diamond Hand", "The Caucasian Captive, or The New Adventures of Shurik.
Publications Annotations
  • Note on the filming of A
    . Gaidai's "On Deribasovskoy good weather ...".

  • A page dedicated to the film A. Gaidai's "Diamond Hand". Abstract, photographs of actors, shots from the film. Video clips, audio files from the movie.

  • A page dedicated to the film A. Gaidai's "12 Chairs. Abstract, photographs of actors, shots from the film. Audio files from the movie. Videoroliki.

  • A page dedicated to the film A. Gaidai's "Caucasian Captive". Abstract, photographs of actors, shots from the film. Video clips, audio files from the movie.

  • Article S. Gladilschikova "The Goonies and Nebalbes". Comparison creativity E. A. Ryazanov and L. I. Gaidai after the movie "Hello, idiot!".
  • The complete filmography (20 films with annotations) L,
    . I. Gaidai electronic catalog "national cinema. 1919 - 1998 ". Prolonged display this page content for links no longer work. In this case, it should be updated (Refresh) in your browser.

  • "Diamond Hand" 3O years later. Article Olga Mescherskaya birth plan and making the film L. I. Gaidai.

  • A Filmography. I. Gaidai site "Video Guides". Annotations 14 films writer and director, issued to licensed videotape.

  • In. Shahidzhanyan: "I am interested in all people". "Dog Watchdog. I become Balbes ". Memoirs SW. Nikulin's friendship with A. Gaydayev and filming of "The Dog Mongrel and unusual cross."

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Leonid Gaidai Iovich, photo, biography
Leonid Gaidai Iovich, photo, biography Leonid Gaidai Iovich  filmmaker, photo, biography
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