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Greenaway, Peter (Peter Greenaway)

( filmmaker)

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Biography Greenaway, Peter (Peter Greenaway)
photo Greenaway, Peter (Peter Greenaway)
7.10 years ago, the name of Peter Greenaway's been on the lips of all who regard themselves as intellectuals and aesthetes. His strange, philosophical ernicheskie canvases, in which each frame was built by the laws of painting, and each subject was carrying a symbolic load, boggle the imagination and intellect. Each of his film - as a full-feature and short documentary - can (and should) be reviewed several times, with each view of discovering previously escaped from understanding the implications and the curious little things. In the work of Greenaway's music, painting, choreography, the work of costume designers, decorators and actors are woven into a single unit, creating a multi-product. Therefore, his paintings like highbrow and doctors of science, and the young female students - everyone is in his films, his own niche.

Peter Greenaway was born in Wales, April 5, 1942. His father was an ornithologist, it was he director has inherited the passion for endless classifications, in which both the artistic techniques built most of his films. Peter took a great interest in painting since childhood and has the age of 22 won the first exhibition in the Lord's Gallery. Since 1965, Mr.. He began working in documentary film - at first an editor, then assistant director - and soon began making his own "Exercise". In 1976, Greenaway is sent to the west of England, to practice in the sketches of Victorian mansions. While working on the sketches he constantly interfered with a herd of sheep running around the yard, children, and at Greenaway born the idea of "The Draftsman's Contract". Zadumka gradually acquired new ideas, and six years later saw the very deep, not devoid of humor bitter parable about fertility and infertility, pride and humiliation, the relationship between art and real life. The film earned him worldwide fame. Critics choked with delight, Greenaway declared the founder of the new British cinema, movie theaters sold out to collect. However, new projects to give money nobody was in no hurry - too unusual subjects were born in the head producer. The next film - "A Zed & Two Noughts" - comes only after three years, it has already affected by other problems, but the style remains uniquely recognizable Greenaway. One of its main components is magnificent music by Michael Nyman, who continued cooperation with the director before the film "Prospero's Books". A number of these masterpieces (so, . "Drowning" received in Cannes prize for contribution to cinema), . Peter Greenaway, for whatever reason ceases to include in their paintings music Naiman and several are undergoing a creative approach in search of new ideas,
. If "The Pillow Book" still retain almost all "proprietary" techniques: the use of split screen, the literal line of fantasy characters followed by real events and so on, "Eight and a half of women" presented us with new Greenaway. This pattern is also ambiguous, as the previous ones, but lighter and more ironic. Maestro of cinematic art "is in constant search, and viewers can only hope that his next job will be no less startling than the accepted" pearl "of his creativity.

. Filmography

. Tree - Tree (1966 korotkometr.)
. Train - Train (1966, korotkometr.)
. Revolution - Revolution (1967, korotkometr.)
. 5 postcards from the capitals of the world - 5 Postcards From Capital Cities (1967, korotkometr.)
. Intervals - Intervals (1969, korotkometr.)
. Erosion - Erosion (1971 korotkometr.).
. "House" begins with H - H Is for House (1973 korotkometr.).
. Windows - Windows (1975, korotkometr.).
. Water - Water (1975, korotkometr.).
. Dear Phone - Dear Phone (1976 korotkometr.).
. Wild Child Water - Water Wrackets (1978 korotkometr.).
. Journey to the letter H - Walk Through H, A (1978 korotkometr.).
. 1-100 (1978, korotkometr.).
. Zandra Rhodes - Zandra Rhodes (1979, korotkometr.).
. Fall (Fall) - Falls, The (1980).
. Terence Konren - Terence Conran (1981 korotkometr.).
. Contract Draftsman - Draughtsman's Contract, The (1982).
. The sea in their blood - Sea in Their Blood, The (1983, korotkometr.).
. Four American composer - Four American Composers (1983, korotkometr.).
. Zoo (A Zed & Two Noughts) - Zoo: A Zed & Two Noughts, A (1985).
. 26 bathrooms - 26 Bathrooms (1985 korotkometr.).
. Belly architect - Belly of an Architect, The (1987).
. Drowning - Drowning by Numbers (1988).
. Hydrophobia - Fear of Drowning (1988, korotkometr.).
. Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover - Cook the Thief His Wife & Her Lover, The (1989).
. Dante's Inferno - TV Dante: The Inferno Cantos I-VIII, A (1989, TV).
. Prospero's Books - Prospero's Books (1991).
. Man, Music, Mozart begins with M - M Is for Man, Music, Mozart (1991, TV).
. Child Macon - Baby of Macon, The (1993).
. Darwin - Darwin (1993, TV).
. Lumiere and Company - Lumiere and Company (1995, korotkometr.).
. The Pillow - Pillow Book, The (1996).
. Bridge - Bridge, The (1997, korotkometr.).
. Eight and a half women - Eight and a Half Women (1999).
. Composer's death - Death of a Composer (1999)

  • Page P. Greenaway (Greenaway) on the site "Ozone". Curriculum Vitae, and links to several popular films.

Photos Portfolio
  • The script was P. Greenaway (Greenaway) "The Draftsman's Contract" (The Draughtsman's Contract) ( "Screenplays", б? 3 - 4, 1995).
  • Interview with P
    . Greenaway (Greenaway) after the film "Eight and a half of women" (8 1 / 2 Women). Photos producer.

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Greenaway, Peter (Peter Greenaway), photo, biography
Greenaway, Peter (Peter Greenaway), photo, biography Greenaway, Peter (Peter Greenaway)  filmmaker, photo, biography
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