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Gorgias (Gorgias)

( Greek writer)

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Biography Gorgias (Gorgias)
Gorgias; Gorgias, of Leontine, ca. 485-OK. 380 years. BC. e., Greek writer. One of the most prominent Sophists. Presumably, a disciple of Empedocles. In 427 g. arrived in Athens to ask for help against Syracuse. His speech made a great impression on the Athenians. Later, he led a wandering life of the speaker, while educating youth for higher fees. He was so rich that he has put his own statue at Delphi. In recent years, his life, apparently, in Thessaly. From the works of Mr.. preserved: Praise of Helen (Helenes enkomion), in which the author argues that the flight of Helena is a fraud. Defending Palamede (Palamedus apologia) - fictitious speech, set against a charge of Odysseus. Preserved as excerpts from the works under the title On the non-existence or the nature (Peri tu me ontos e peri physeos). G. tried to justify her three paradoxical thesis: a) do not exist, and b) if something and there, . man could not know this, c) even if he could learn, . I should not be in a position to express in words and prove to other people,
. The interpretation of these assertions is debatable. The title is a parody of the title works Eleatics Melissa of Samos on the nature or the existence. Been lost other works of Mr..

Among them Oratory (Techne) - probably samples of expression and assembly description oratorical techniques, and three speeches: Olympic (Olymp [ikos; ca. 48sch g. BC. BC.), calls on Greeks to unite in the fight against the Persians, Pythian (Pyphikos), it proclaimed Panhellenic idea; Epitaph (Epitaphios; fr.) - in honor of the Athenians who fell in the Peloponnesian War, and Praise eleytsam (Enkomion eis Eleius). G. Greeks showed the immense power of speech, which when properly employed, can produce the effect desired by the speaker. Agree that the weakest argument you can make the strongest, was controversial even in times of T. (eg, Aristophanes in the clouds). Plato argued with Mr.. in the dialogue, entitled by his name, showing what the dangers of rhetoric, which in pursuit of glory ignores the truth and virtue. Linking the poetic style of prose, Mr.. became the creator of fiction. Among the tools that he uses - alliteration and assonance. Rhythm of speech,. achieved with the help of symmetry, parallelism and antithesis. These stylistic figures called gorgianskimi, although Mr.. they were not invented, because they existed long before. Innovation D. was piling up a large number of similar figures in a speech, and spread this style throughout the then Greek world. Gorgiansky style criticized Aristotle, and Isocrates, throwing his flamboyance and bombast, created Attic prose. Gorgianskie figure again started to use the rhetoric of the Hellenistic period and the so-called second sophistry (cm. Sophists 2.), As well as eloquent and prone to psihologizirovaniyu Greek historians. G. Antisthenes was a teacher and Isocrates, had an impact on Antiphon, Euripides, Thucydides and the tragedian Agathon.

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    Gorgias (Gorgias), photo, biography
    Gorgias (Gorgias), photo, biography Gorgias (Gorgias)  Greek writer, photo, biography
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