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Tatiana Navka told about the quarrels with her daughter

Famous Russian athlete Tatyana Navka gave a candid interview in which he told about his personal life. She confessed that her eldest daughter, Alexandra enters into puberty, and they have quarrels.

Now, April 13, Tatiana Navka celebrates anniversary. Skater announced that extremely fond of this holiday.

"No pessimistic moods I just did not arise. I sometimes like they say don't know how old I am, 18?! Because I know so many gorgeous ladies who are over 70 and 80, but they will give 100 points ahead of any young girl, whose eye is already gone. Alexandra Pakhmutova, Tamara Moskvina. This was and Elena Obraztsova. I managed somehow to get her in the same company: Elena was the center of attention, his playfulness, youth, love of life just infected! I would extremely love to have in her age and I've had the same burning eyes! Own birthdays I love. The entire sporting life I missed holidays. The maximum of the boys-the athletes were sitting in the locker room and humbly washed down with juice a piece of cake. Currently, the anniversary is a great excuse to see friends, relatives, and friends. To wear elegant dress, freshen up, cheer up everyone and myself. Life is so chaotic, it is necessary on occasion to be able to stop and hold an event!" - outlined Navka.

We were talking about children athletes. Eldest daughter Alexandra for 14 years. Navka confessed that their relationship happen tension. "Usually we're arguing over social networks: Sasha, sometimes, the phone just will not part. And in General, many children now as a zombie, although I understand that to isolate from it. The whole world is currently like this - where no one go - everywhere, the Internet, computers," citing her Starhit.

Generally happy Tatyana Alexandra. "She is a very serious girl. Say to her, "Sasha, you have me and dad, we always beside you". She said, "you're You, but I also have to be somebody!" It is well done: for many years seriously engaged in playing tennis, wants to become an athlete. But, I think the need and the education to get! We have in recent months a large number of discussions on this topic. You need to make a decision, and it's hard. It is currently in the eighth grade, you have to do externally: comes and for 2 months passes half of the program. Trained in Moscow, and in France, where often are training and competitions. Studies there usually languages - British, French. But, as stated by teachers, it has a mathematical head. She loves to debate. It probably would have made a great lawyer," said the skater.

According to skill sets, Sasha with her younger sister Nadia is seen rarely, but loves her too. "Time to babysit her virtually no, in addition to burden you don't want - say, sit or walk with a stroller. Of course, Sasha is extremely fond of his sister. Given the minute - certainly it. From France continuously brings baby toys and other gifts," said the athlete.

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