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Kopenkina about suicide daughter and the quarrel with his son

Former wife of the artist Prokhor Chaliapin Larissa Kopenkina famous only as "lighter" - the fairer sex with irrepressible energy, which is almost constantly in motion and positive.

However the Larissa admits that in her life there were many sad episodes. So, she lost her daughter a couple of years and did not communicate with his son.

"There were moments when I was walking along the street, crying and thought: At the moment you come home, lie down on the bed. Fall asleep and never Wake up". I have somewhere to go. It's not a show-off. Not be afraid of death. So in that light I have a daughter. There is a lot of close friends. I live by the principle: need son will remain here, call me Nastya - will go there," started its own story Larissa Kopenkina.

Larissa's daughter died tragically when she was just 18 years old. "Nastya is our pain. She left secondary school at 16 and left home. Month 3 we haven't talked... Young man, whom she fell in love, was over for a couple of years in the army he served. Well, how could relate to what he went to live with a minor? I was ready to do anything to destroy this Union. But Anastasia insisted. 1st love, 1st sex... lack of control... I Had to paint them. When Nastya was to grow up and to understand something, decided from a spouse to leave. Went to study. Her husband at the time never worked. And later, there was this tragedy... They had a fight. Nastya went to him for things. Blessed not let her go. The daughter was sitting on the windowsill, Smoking. The young man in the heat of the moment, apparently, accidentally waved his hand, pushed her... Accident... She fell out of a window. floor 8... 18 years have passed... But the death certificate Nastya I never in hands did not hold. I don't even know whether there was a criminal case. So I was out of touch then from life. Did not take what happened with my daughter," quoted Kopenkina "Express newspaper".

Larissa confessed that he experienced a difficult period in life, when there is absolutely 1 - deceased daughter, and son lived with his dad. "Boris Bezzubov, my former spouse and father of the Jurassic, after the dissolution of marriage took the boy to him. How? As currently often happens is brazenly dishonest. Picked up from school, brought from Moscow. 5 years I tried to get my son back. And found him. But having met Yura opened my eyes: "I don't care whether you love the father and each other or not! You remain my mother and father in all circumstances of life!" That's all. And what was more important - my selfish love for son or hatred of the spouse? Children are smarter than we are. They have their own truth. For divorcing parents, the interests of the child should be most important. Do not "saw" children at parting. I took the situation for granted. Just waited for Yura settle down," said Larissa.

As a result, the jury returned to the mother. "And later he moved in with me. He started another life. The father allowed him a lot, pampered. And if a mother needs to live in austerity - to work, to meet a man for their own actions. First, Jure don't like it. We even stopped one time to talk. For me it was a disaster. At the moment son says thanks. Now he has 2 higher educations, have a favorite work," concluded Kopenkina.

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