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Mark Bogatyrev about suicide and romance with Armin van Buuren

The star of the popular television series "Kitchen" mark Bogatyrev told in his interview about the difficult period in life, when he was trying to kill herself. The actor also commented on rumors of an affair with an employee, actress Helena Armin van Buuren.

A few years ago, domestic media have stirred up the information that fashionable artist, star of the TV series "Kitchen" mark Bogatyrev wanted to commit suicide. Though the premise was a heavy affair with a coworker for movie, actress Helena Armin van Buuren.

2 years later, mark decided to tell about that difficult period of time. "I was killed. In the truest sense of the word. Huge number of work, exhaustion - both physical and moral. Day continuously wanted to sleep, but cannot shoot. And at night I couldn't sleep. The condition and appearance were like zombies. Huge dark circles under his eyes, pale, if not to say white like me sucking the blood. To be able to assign 3 meetings at the same time in different parts of Moscow. Moved and forgot where you are going and why. Stopped to chat with friends. This diabolical period lasted a year. As in slavery got lived with an oppressive feeling that I constantly must, must, must... to work out the change, smile at the camera, pretend that steep and star, and type I am fantastic. Plus superimposed a difficult situation in his personal life..." quoted Bogatyreva "Collection Caravan of stories".

The artist explained that considered themselves worthless and useless that it does not work that he doesn't even remember your own text. Then mark decided to open the veins, and nothing happened. Bleeding profusely, he drank a sleeping pill. But the thirst of life have taken their toll, and Bogatyrev called the assistant Director. She arrived quickly, in parallel, causing a medical emergency. The actor was evacuated and taken to a psychiatric clinic.

"The health workers were released after 2 days with a warning: you need to take a break from work and everything will be fine. I disabled the mobile and immediately went to the Altai mountains to recuperate. Upon returning, found that the Internet literally explodes from the news: "Star "Kitchen" wanted to kill himself!" Some of the health workers, obviously, had been leaking information. My animated telephone ringing constantly - reporters wanted to know the details and stayed near the entrance and the living space. It was also hell to live under the gun of their cameras," he said Bogatyrev.

In recognition of the actor, this period, ironically, benefited. "At the moment I think the universe sent me a test of strength of character and fortitude. Moral check for stability: can withstand or not. Excellent that it happened exactly then. I'm able to, at the peak of popularity to catch stardom, to go all pretentious and ridiculous important and stay forever artist one role. Could be silly to start earning the cash to arrange Sanchez concerts "Star "Cuisine" is...", but life is wonderful smacked me. And already, it seems, forever acquired immunity will be in sound mind and will remain an ordinary person. An ordinary young man, without a star of a show off. Not going to try to seem cooler than you really are," concluded the artist.

About his own colleague Elena Armin van Buuren, mark said: "she is a beautiful lady and a professional actress. The artists happens that the relations between the partners in the movies flow into real life. Was love on my part - just huge. But this story concerns only us. Will say one thing: at the moment we are in a marvelous friendly relationship. Good talk, to joke, to laugh. And look to the future with hope. Everything will be fine - and she and I".

Source: Mark Bogatyrev about suicide and romance with Armin van Buuren

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