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Austria said the 70th anniversary of the end of combat actions

Vienna held a gala event in Vienna, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the end of world war II in the European Union.
The celebration ended with a concert by the Vienna Symphony orchestra and choir of the Vienna Society of music lovers in the city's Central square Heldenplatz." The festival of joy, " which is celebrated by the Austrians on may 8, 2013 called, as planned by the organizers from the division of former prisoners of the concentration camp Mauthausen ", to clearly emphasize that the world has ended for them, liberation, and Not defeat, reports the news Agency. The place was Not chosen accidentally - here in 1938 crowds of Viennese met after the Anschluss of Austria with Germany of Hitler, then Every year this day is remembered and the victims of war, and the event grew into clashes extreme right-wing revisionists and their opponents. But this is the third time they will be No space in the "Festival of joy" and thousands of Austrians come to the area of Heldenplatz to celebrate the date from which 70 years ago began the formation of the Republic of Austria. The Vienna Symphony orchestra under the baton of Philippe Jordan performed "Sinfonietta" by leo? jan??ek and the 9th Symphony of Beethoven, of which - "Ode to joy" - is today, and the official anthem of the European Union." There was a war, then one day it became a part of history, Hitler's dictatorship was over. These are facts, they built modern Europe. There would be no it would Not exist today free Europe " - said in his speech, the head of Austria Heinz Fischer. He came on stage with the veteran anti-fascist resistance Helga Emperger, telling his story about how the officers of the Gestapo for harboring guerrillas executed her family.
"Everyone who came here, who listened to the story of this woman, in fact did respect that he was ready to look into the eyes of its history, deal with it and draw conclusions," said Fisher. He also told that before today, together with the ambassadors of the CIS countries have honored the memory of Soviet soldiers who liberated Vienna." In the morning we laid a wreath at the graves of 18 thousand Soviet soldiers. It came to all the ambassadors and Plenipotentiaries of the CIS - Russia, Ukraine, and Armenia, Georgia and Asian countries, without exception. It was a demonstration that in the face of these victims, controversy and confrontation that exist today must withdraw into the background and, if possible, must be regulated, " said the Manager. Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann for its part, Recalling that " the Holocaust really began in the 30-ies, when unemployment and the crisis were so severe that citizens have lost faith in the future, and the national socialists used these fears, spreading a strong aversion and terror." We must do everything never to observe that in the EU again raise the head of the nationalist forces, " He noted. Vice-Chancellor Reinhold Mitterlehner also showed that today's "Festivities are associated with the obligation to think about our history, Not to gloss over history. ""we must be vigilant, to remember history, to draw conclusions and to realize that this process does Not end," said the politician. May 10, in the memorial of the concentration camp Mauthausen " will be a traditional commemorative event, participation in which will accept a key policy of the state, employees of the foreign Ministry and veterans.

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Austria said the 70th anniversary of the end of combat actions
 -  Знаменитости Austria said the 70th anniversary of the end of combat actions
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