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50-year-old Rasputin told about pregnancy

Fashionable singer Masha Rasputina in honor of the birthday gave a sincere interview in which he told about his personal life. She told about the pregnancy and the wedding.

The day before, on may 13, artist Masha Rasputina noted the date of the round. Shocking blonde turned 50 years old. In honor of the anniversary, the actress gave a candid interview about his personal life, in which I confessed that I don't intend to make a booming celebrations. "Probably, peacefully get together with friends. I don't like the hype," said Rasputin.

The actress confessed that in her private life Grand place is given to faith. "So it happened that in the midst of my career I felt that running in a circle from which you cannot escape. In the 1990s I worked hard, sometimes for 30 appearances in the episode! In my repertoire were superhits "let me Go to the Himalayas!", "Crazy town", "I was born in Siberia", "On white "Mercedes", "Hit music", "Live country!" On stage I appeared cheerful and reckless, then no one would not believe that I am not quite happy, vulnerable. Few people thought about how much effort I spend, how much tired. Often I had no one to share my soul. Once a beautiful poet Leonid Derbenyov, with whom we were very friendly, handed me the gospel: "read it. Improve!" And I discovered another world. Through faith I have been saved from despair. Lately on Sundays and Church holidays, I will certainly arrive in the temple. I pray to God to cleanse me from all that hinders him from staying in me. I learned to dissociate themselves from the disgusting ideas" - quoted Rasputin StarHit.

Singer even dared wedding. "Leonid Derbenyov was constantly said to me: "Mary, when you meet a decent person on the planet, certainly obvenchalsya with him!" I did it in 1999, having met Victor. The first time I realized that family is not oohs and ahs on a bench, and the dedication of the 1st person in the name of another," said Rasputin.

We were talking about the pregnancy of the actress, the news of which caused a lot of noise in the media. "2 years ago in the press talked about my pregnancy - husband Victor was in a playful mood and made fun of the reporter, saying that I was in position. Press the lightning blew the news, not related to the truth. If God is willing, I'm having another baby. Surrogacy is a great sin before God. To take the kid from the orphanage is very responsible, because you have to educate the planet, not born you. But I think great men those who are not afraid and takes in foster children is genuine heroes. I'm not ready yet," confessed Mary.

She stated that she tries to Express herself not only on stage but also in the family. "14 years ago I became a freelance painter came out of show business, which I'm really happy, and plunged into the family. We have a cook, but I get inspired, I can cook something tasty - baked duck with apples and prunes, for example, or to fry fish in batter. Sometimes the mood I go out into the private garden, in order to cut growing flowers there. Not be amiss to note that, I seriously want to start a Himalayan goats and the milking. So does 1 of my friend, whose vast economy. "Mashenjka," she says to me - no idea what it is soothing for the soul!" - said the artist.

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