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Austria remembers the 60th anniversary of the Treaty on state sovereignty

Andrei Zolotov. The Republic of Austria remembers the last working day of the week a momentous milestone in its modern history - the signing 60 years ago by the Ministers of foreign Affairs of the USSR, USA, UK and France the State Treaty On the restoration of an independent and sovereign of Austria, who represented the restoration of the country on the basis of neutrality and withdrawal from the state of the allied occupation forces.

State celebrations, like 60 years ago, were commenced at eleven o'clock in the marble hall of the Vienna Belvedere Palace, where, in 1955, took place the ceremony of signing of the agreement by the Ministers of foreign Affairs of Austria and the victorious powers. The broadcast led by Austrian TV. The connection times reminded, opening the meeting, Minister of culture of Austria Josef ostermayer." It was a political event that caused great joy and has become a symbol of the breakthrough Austria at the best of times, " He said.

"It was a historic time then, after the liberation by the allies in 1945, by which we must be grateful for the liberation from German rule, and then ten years later, Austria was recognized by the world community as an independent, democratic and sovereign state," said Ostermeier. A few months after signing the contract, 25 October 1955 was completed withdrawal of the allied occupation forces from Austria, and on October 26, the Austrian Parliament adopted the Declaration On state neutrality. This day was then declared a national holiday state.

In the evening on the last working day of the week in the Central exhibition hall Kuenstlerhaus the head of Austria Heinz Fischer will open a large Exhibition of Russian museums and bins, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Austria from Nazism and the 60th anniversary of the State Treaty, said at the Russian Embassy.

in the hall on the table at which 60 years ago was sitting foreign Minister of the USSR Vyacheslav Molotov, U.S. Secretary of state John foster DULLES, the head of the foreign ministries of great Britain and France Harold Macmillan and Antoine Pin?, as well as the head of the Austrian foreign Minister Leopold Figl, on the last working day of the week lay bound copy of the agreement signed by the Ministers and red wax seals. In the first row with Austrian President Heinz Fischer and members of the government sat papal Nuncio, the Russian Ambassador to Austria Sergey Nechayev, the U.S., France and the UK. Together with heads of state and leaders of major religious and public organizations in decorated with the flags of Austria and the allied powers hall was present and photographer Erich Lessing - the Creator became symbolic photographs of Ministers, demonstrating the balcony right now signed the Treaty of thousands of jubilant crowds in the Park at the Belvedere.

the organizers drew attention to the fact that among the soloists of the Vienna state Opera, whose performances alternated speeches of Ministers, were all citizens of signatory States of the Treaty. The Russian Federation was represented by the soloist of the Vienna Opera Aida Garifullina and actor of the Vienna Philharmonic innocent Grabko.

foreign Minister of Austria, 28-year-old Sebastian Kurz said in his own statement that his generation of free Austria, emerged in the end of the State Treaty is " self-evident "." But it is clear that we have to this day received from him (gogogogo), and It's a real gift to be able to grow up and live in a free Austria, " said Kurz. He said that, because of the Treaty, Austria has become an important place of international meetings, the UN and other international organizations.

"You can't falsely interpret our neutrality and it is a mistake to understand it as indifference to international events," said Kurtz." The words of Leopold Figlia " Austria is free!" Is not only a historical statement, But also a task for all of us. Just at a time when we are surrounded by conflicts and threats, such as the crisis in Ukraine and the ISIS terror, our commitment to uphold our values and defend against radicalization and abuse", He added.

Vice-Chancellor, leader of the Austrian people's party Reinhold Mitterlehner recalled in his own speech that the state Treaty was made possible due to the fact that by 1955 have any rules for a small discharge in the cold war - was already dead, Joseph Stalin, President of the United States of America was not Harry Truman, and Dwight Eisenhower, and as a result there was a window of opportunity ". The paragraph About the complicity of Austrians in Nazi crimes was deleted from the contract by Figl signing yesterday, But This, According to Mitterlehner, was evidence only of the fact that the Figl is a prisoner of the Dachau concentration camp - not stained with the collaboration with the Nazis, and many Austrians still had the path of purification.

Federal Chancellor of Austria Werner Faymann reminded that a breakthrough in negotiations 60 years ago came during a meeting of the leadership of Austria and the Soviet Union in the Russian capital in April 1955." Today, 60 years after the signing of the State Treaty, we think with gratitude about the fact that because of the four States signatories for us can be become a free, undivided and sovereign state", said Faymann." Endurance, tolerance, and optimism (shown in the negotiations 60 years ago) must be an example for us to resolve conflicts in today's Europe, " He added.

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Austria remembers the 60th anniversary of the Treaty on state sovereignty
 -  Знаменитости Austria remembers the 60th anniversary of the Treaty on state sovereignty
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