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Poklonskaya ordered the memorial to the Royal family for the Livadia Palace in Crimea

In the near future in the fireplace hall of the Livadia Palace will arise portraits of Emperor Nicholas II and His family, made by order of the public Prosecutor of the Crimea Natalia Polonskaya.
"the event will be somewhere after 3 weeks when it's finished portraits are large, in the large hall with fireplace. We will hang them, sanctify and will be very beautiful " - quoted Poklonskaya news Agency." Portrait of Alexandra Feodorovna - left of the fireplace, on the right side of the fireplace - Nicholas Alexandrovich. They are in beautiful robes, full length, historical photos, " She added. Poklonskaya wanted to complement - at whose expense are made portraits, but agreed that They would be made by her " personal order ". Poklonskaya also said that for her in the present time is made large sculpture, where either all the members of the Royal family of Nicholas II. She will also be approved in the territory of the Livadia Palace.
"This memorial As at Ganina Yama /the Place of execution of the Royal family. We until not decided on the material. This (sculpture - approx. OPINION) Nikolay Alexandrovich and Alexandra Feodorovna, Grand duchesses Tatiana, Maria, Anastasia and Tsarevich Alexei, " said Poklonski. First about the initiative of the Prosecutor of the Crimea to install the sculpture in memory of the family of the last Russian Emperor said the Minister of culture of the Republic Arina Novoselskaya." Our Prosecutor Natalia Poklonskaya patronizes the Livadia Palace. It had already collected more than one collection of unique images, brought a beautiful sculpture, the Minister said.- at the moment, for her personal money ordered a memorial complex dedicated to the Royal family ". Livadia Palace near Yalta was the favorite residence of the Royal family. Its Creator - Nicholas Krasnov Emperor Nicholas II bestowed the title of Architect of the Imperial court. Remember, in February it was declared that Poklonskaya wants to install at its own expense, a memorial to the family of the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II within the Livadia Palace near Yalta. On October 23 of last year Poklonskaya gave Livadia Palace more than 80 photos of the family of Nicholas II and played on the piano. Poklonskaya told that the collection of photos in electronic form it gave the priest the Holy Dormition monastery in Crimea. In the last month of summer in Yalta's Livadia Palace opened an interactive exhibition project " the Romanovs. My story ", created for the 400th anniversary of the legendary Royal dynasty. During the month the Crimean residents and travelers vacationing on the Peninsula, could see a unique exhibition that tells about the history of the Romanovs with the latest multimedia technology. According to most historians, the era of the Romanovs - time great achievements of Russia: the unification of Russia and Ukraine, the annexation of Siberia and the Far East, the victory in the Patriotic war of 1812, the abolition of serfdom and the industrial revolution. The country became an Empire - one of the leading world famous powers. At that time, had been successful Arctic research, opened the Northern sea route and Antarctica. Russian art and culture experienced its own Golden and silver age. The world learned Russian literature, music, painting, theatre and ballet. These and most other events, as well as the history of the life and reign of each monarch of the Romanov dynasty will be presented at the exposition. A place for " the Romanovs in the Crimea was not chosen accidentally. Very large white stone Palace with broken around parks and gardens was the favorite summer residence of the Royal family - the Emperor Nicholas II came to Its Creator, Nicholas Krasnov the title of Architect of the Imperial court. According to experts, after the return of Crimea to Russia is more important than ever and to rebuild a Sense of cultural and historical unity of the people speaking and thinking in one language, divided in the process of a tragic political turmoil. The sense of belonging to a shared history of a great country, gratitude to the rulers of Russia, who devoted his life to serving the Motherland.

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Poklonskaya ordered the memorial to the Royal family for the Livadia Palace in Crimea
 -  Знаменитости Poklonskaya ordered the memorial to the Royal family for the Livadia Palace in Crimea
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