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The last minutes of the life of Jeanne Friske

Native Zhanna Friske told about what happened to her in the last episodes of life. According to the singer's father, she said goodbye to him 2 months before his own tragic death.

"The day she died, came healers from China, - said Vladimir Friske. - They are extremely long drive because someone saved. I met them at 03:30. They came, looked, said, say, last month we might be able to do something, and now do not wish to take. And on this day she died".

"I for 5 days realized that she was going to die. She has already started an irreversible change. It was already beginning to suffer, feel pain. And before that, according to the doctors, she did not feel - just sleeping. And then she started the temperature that we were trying to shoot down, but nothing came out. Thought some kind of infection was: previously, my son got sick - he had a temperature over 40. Decided that it was passed from him to her. Passed the tests - it turns out that the infection is no. Vodka wiped his 15-20 min. from bumping the temperature up to 38 degrees, and later again 40. Health workers said that the tumor has affected the area of the brain responsible for temperature. He called it malignant hyperthermia. And in recent days began to die," stated the father of the actress.

"I asked Olga and Xenia, so they never left home. 10:07 Ksenia wrote down all the signs. I turned away and then she says: "Everything, she was no longer breathing." Gone quiet, calm. I thought that heart is still pounding. And the doctor says: "check it out". I listened - and so it was," he said, Vladimir "Komsomolskaya Pravda".

Olga Orlova believes that Jeanne decided to ask to stop all the manipulation and let her quietly to leave: "We stayed in a room for three is the sister of a cancer center, a friend of Joan, She and I. It's like she kicked at this moment parents - aunt Olga and uncle Vova came out. And we sat down next to her, wiped her, persuaded her: "Come on, baby, fight". And I've never seen this to every second, the temperature rose by 1 degree. And she was breathing... so I told the girls: "I think she wants us all to be left alone and let go." Since we did a lot of emergency measures - poured ice-cold solution inside, something else... And exactly after this phrase she made 2 more breath and all. To me, it seemed that she was still breathing. Entered the uncle Vova, and I declare: "All", - said a friend of the singer.

Vladimir Borisovich remembered the moment when the daughter said goodbye to him: "For 2 months before that she no longer spoke, just very quiet. Had a pretty good day, I approached her, and sat down. She took me by the hand and said: "Daddy, I love you very much". More than anything she didn't tell anyone. Apparently, said goodbye," concluded father Friske.

As we were informed Days.Roux, Jeanne Friske, who died from cancer at the 41st year of his life, was buried at St. Nicholas Archangel cemetery in the suburbs. The site was fenced, there were allowed only relatives and friends of the actress, including Olga Orlova, Philip Kirkorov, Sergey Lazarev, Svetlana Surganova. Civil husband of singer TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev came to the funeral from Bulgaria.

Source: The last minutes of the life of Jeanne Friske

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The last minutes of the life of Jeanne Friske -  Знаменитости The last minutes of the life of Jeanne Friske шоу бизнес последние эротические фотографии  эротика лучшие
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