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German politician Oskar Lafontaine cursed obscenely USA

A politician from the Left party of Germany Oskar Lafontaine obscenely expressed in the Facebook address in the United States, after which he was accused by opponents of belonging to the " conspiracy theories ".
the head of the Ministry of defense of the United States Ashton Carter on June 23, yesterday meeting with fellow NATO countries, came to Estonia. His trip was the reason for the numerous opponents to the United States, reports RT referring to the publication of the newspaper Bild.
Most succinctly visit Carter was acharacteristic in Facebook German Politician of the Left party, Oskar Lafontaine. According to Inet, German wrote: "F*** the US ". As emphasized by the journalist of the newspaper Bild, the phrase of Oskar Lafontaine was a kind of answer to the infamous phrase of the assistant United States Secretary of state Victoria Nuland about the fall in Ukraine: "F*** the EU" (approximately - "fuck the EU" ). The magazine reminds that in February 2014 in the Internet appeared the phone conversation, Nuland with the United States Ambassador in Kiev, where there was the legendary phrase. According to the German newspaper, German Politician later edited his record, adding: "F*** the US-Imperialism ", that is, made the initiative to send " damn American imperialism ". Review of La Fontaine, who came on a visit to Berlin Ashton Carter As the head of the Ministry of defense of the United States is the " Minister of war "." Military Minister of the United States to persuade the Europeans to counter the Russian " aggression ". While the Europeans have every reason to resist aggression, the United States, " he wrote in the social network and the former leader of the SPD, and now a member of the Left party, Oskar Lafontaine. Bild informs that the authenticity of La Fontaine page on Facebook already approved in the office of the Left party in saarbr?cken. Among others, the entry of La Fontaine said the head of the German Free democratic party in the European Parliament Alexander Graf, lambsdorf." because of this absurd abuse Oskar Lafontaine came, finally, to the camp of conspiracy theorists " - drew the attention of lambsdorf. Yesterday arrived in Tallinn, the head of the Ministry of defense of the United States Ashton Carter said at a press conference that Washington and in truth plans to deploy weapons in Eastern Europe. For its part, the United States Ambassador to NATO Douglas Lute said that the US will place in 6 countries in Central and Eastern Europe military brigade with armoured vehicles and artillery, which will take part in military exercises in the area. Remember, June 20 print Edition of the new York times, citing U.S. bureaucrats said that the U.S. defense Department is considering placing in the Eastern Europe, the heavy weapons in the form of the estimated response to "Russian aggression" in the area. The journal emphasizes that North America have the ability to post on the bases of its European allies in NATO tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and other heavy weapons.

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German politician Oskar Lafontaine cursed obscenely USA
 -  Знаменитости German politician Oskar Lafontaine cursed obscenely USA
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