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To receive credit, you passport must be valid

The Central Bank together with the Federal migration service is discussing the possibility to expand the list of documents on which banks identify your own visitors. For example, it is proposed that credit institutions could serve people on a foreign passport.

Banks can obtain the right to identify their own visitors when you receive the service not only on the internal passport of Russia, after all, and foreign - the issue negotiates the Central Bank together with the Federal migration service. Similar innovation would allow to extend the possibilities of interaction between residents of Russia with credit institutions of power.

Currently banks require the residents of Russia regular passport when carrying out any operations, such as opening Deposit and lending, and currency exchange and currency transfers, if the amount exceeds 15 thousand rubles. If the client is a citizen of another state, a credit institution identify its document confirming his powers. A person with dual citizenship are allowed to take on a foreign passport.

"To rectify the situation with the identification of the passport could act on the application documents identifying the personality of the citizen of Russia on the territory of Russia, or the order of the government on this account", - quote "Izvestia" Deputy Chairman of the National Council of financial market Alexander Naumov. "Later corrections could be made in the regulations of the Central Bank. In FMS, as far as is known, among other things believe that they should resolve the precedent in law", - he added.

The use of a foreign passport instead of a national passport will greatly facilitate the lives of people who have lost their own document. "In my own experience, a temporary ID will be reluctant to even hotels and airlines. In consequence of this need to allow banks to apply a passport for identification", - stated Alexander Naumov.

Taking into account the opinion of the Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on financial policy, innovative development and entrepreneurship Victor Klimov banks may go next in the quest to create a backup ID, and to launch its own electronic system. "The passport it is possible to lose or forget that will close the opportunity to serve in the Bank. And every Bank will need to show a passport, so just to make the payment. There is a value to create an electronic system where citizens could register and for service in the banks to give them the link to "case number" in the system. This practice abroad for a long time in there," he said.

And yet, when using a foreign passport may appear and difficulties. "It can badly affect the willingness of banks to issue long-term loans to the population and to open accounts on the passport. For example, if the period of validity of the foreign passport expires earlier than the maturity of the loan, the Bank may refuse to credit even if it is unaffordable, doubts about the solvency of the visitor. This may reduce the effectiveness of innovations to a minimum", - said the member of the Board of Directors of the Europlan-Bank Alexander Mikhailov.

About problems in lending reported and managing Director of the Bank BCS Premier Stanislav Novikov - in the foreign passport, unlike Russian, there is no data on permanent registration. "But the availability of this information is not critically relevant to banks when performing most operations. Difficulties arise only when lending: in this case essentially is considered an extension of the main information about the places of residence and permanent employment potential customer, it reduces the risk of fraud," said Novikov.

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