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The niece of marine Le Pen called difficult coexistence natsfronta and Jean-Marie Le pen

The coexistence of the National front (NF) and Jean-Marie Le pen has become extremely difficult, says granddaughter historical founder of the party and the people's choice of NF in the Parliament of France Marion Marechal-Le Pen.
"He no longer has the opportunity to be the honorary Chairman of the party. Coexistence With Jean-Marie Le pen became extremely difficult", said the messenger of young wing of the NF in the broadcast television channel BFM-TV, explaining the court's decision, which suspended intra-party meeting to ensure that the deprivation of Le pen Sr. his post, reports the news Agency." It really changes nothing, " remarked granddaughter of the founder of NP.- This decision only gives him the opportunity to win some time ".
the reason for the conflict Jean-Marie Le pen With the current leadership of the party headed for the last 4 years his daughter marine Le Pen, became his ambiguous phrase in the 1st from a recent interview. For example, He said that he does not consider the role of Marshal Henri-Philippe p?tain, who headed the collaborationist government of France during the Second world war, negative, and him a traitor." I never thought of Marshal Petain a traitor. He had been treated unfairly harshly after the liberation of France from Nazi occupation), " - said Jean-Marie Le Pen. The statements of the father of the present head of the FN, marine Le Pen considered to be contrary to the General line of the party and demanded his full suspension from party activities." The status of honorary Chapter does not give the chance (Jean-Mari Le Foam) to keep the national front in the hostages, " said his daughter. In her expressions, another provocation of the founder NF inflict a heavy blow " to the reputation of the whole party and does harm to her own person ". 5 may, it was announced that the party "national front" has suspended the membership of the French politician Jean-Marie Le pen. In addition, the meeting decided for three months to convene an extraordinary party Congress on NF. As expected, the main issue on the agenda will be depriving Jean-Marie Le pen of the status of honorary head of the party, which He has Since 2011. Himself Le Pen called a betrayal of the suspension of its membership in NP, and said of his desire to "resign" from her daughter and asked in a persistent form from her " to abandon its behalf ". Later the Founder of the party said that he wants to make a new political Union. In early summer, Jean-Marie Le Pen appealed to the district court of Nanterre to challenge his exclusion from the organization. July 2, the court of Nanterre has cancelled the decision of the party "national front" about the expulsion from the party ranks of its founder and father of the current leader marine Le Pen * Jean-Marie Le pen. The French party "national front" advocating for conservative values, limiting migration, opposition to European integration. In the most recent elections to the European Parliament, the party won 25, 4% of voters came to the polls. Party leader marine Le Pen many times supported the foreign policy of Russia, and also in the context of the Ukrainian fall.

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The niece of marine Le Pen called difficult coexistence natsfronta and Jean-Marie Le pen
 -  Знаменитости The niece of marine Le Pen called difficult coexistence natsfronta and Jean-Marie Le pen
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