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How and why women lie to men

The main thing that can be said about this topic: young women lie more inventive. The reasons lie in the first place, different from men, but there is something similar.

Cheating is of course a bad word and the concept, but without it can not do virtually any 1 our day. You can lie in the details, for example, that we have not seen a flashing green traffic signal, and you can lie and big. Representatives of the stronger sex the fairer sex lie in mind many reasons. Main we tried to highlight in the article.

So how and why ladies are lying to representatives of the stronger sex:

Women lie to men about their appearance.

Not only that, lie, and besides, is shot down on this guys themselves. "Yes, of course, I don't go to the Solarium". "Well, why is it painted, it's my real color." "I'm not fat, I'm just big-boned". Men trying to believe, and some even from time to time manage.

On the former young people

It rarely happens when a woman tells you how much she had really partners in sex. If, of course, she was and is 1 unique missus is she, by contrast, can tell about it to many. Virgin occasionally claim that they have been intimate, not to seem inexperienced.

The life principles and preferences

"I love to read, and Erich Maria Remarque - a great writer, Yes!" "I'm not, I never..." Can, of course, you're really never going to try Smoking, learn on the street and much more, but first and foremost is the emphasis on "I'm different" means that any "such", only ashamed to confess.

Ladies are lying to representatives of the stronger sex in bed

Yes, we hated about all the fake orgasm. You don't want to offend my partner? You disappoint, but that's when he finds out, upset to 1000 times. From this no one better. I'm sure that an experienced representative of the stronger sex not confuse real orgasm from manipulative. To play it naturally will not every. To give, to send it out.

For fantasy

Both among boys and among ladies there are people-visionaries. No lie, it is simply impossible, so to speak, for effect. Ladies by his own nature large dreamer. However, flying in the clouds for a long time, the world is real and the person next to you.

Ladies are lying to representatives of the stronger sex, not to stimulate the scandal or not to offend

Easier to say that it was a wrong number, than to explain a jealous young man that you wanted to talk nasty to him. Easier to lie about what you've got until he had 1 sexual partner, than to listen to that as well, you're only 25 years old, did not wait for his beautiful. A young woman might say: "I have to get up early, I'll go to bed" so you haven't decided what bothered her.

Why girls lie to the representatives of the stronger sex? Because lying to all. It is essential to understand what a small lie will benefit you, and will grow into a large and deep chasm between you. Honesty is the most valuable thing in a relationship.

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