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Garabedian: children Seized in Beslan we are not "recommended" to call terrorists

"The Chechens, who took hostage schoolchildren in Beslan, it was recommended not to be called terrorists and invaders ", - told "Reedus" on the anniversary of the tragedy in Beslan, a former employee of Radio "Liberty" Anna Karapetyan. In her vision, this radio station is biased.
"Go back to" Radio Liberty ", what is it now, don't I Wish, ' said Anna Karapetyan, who has worked in the Prague edition of 12.- RFE/RL was the source and the truth of objective information in today's world."
She admitted that eleven years ago, While covering the tragedy in Beslan, one Of the worst terrorist acts in the history of Russia, She received from the management " tips ", From which it followed that the Broadcasting Board of Governors (SUV) in the U.S. capital, which determines editorial policy, did not wish to name the killers of Beslan children " terrorists ", and they continue to sympathize." I remember, there were editorial boards of the " top ". The Chechens, who took hostage schoolchildren in Beslan, it was recommended not to be called terrorists and invaders, " said Karapetyan. As emphasized by " the Guardian ", the information leaked outside the editorial office, showed that in practice turns into a "spirit of freedom" to those called to carry it on the waves of Radio " Liberty / Free Europe ". To obtain such data portal helped by 3 former employees of the radio station, who told us, among them, about the political bias of Western journalism. The most striking example of hypocrisy was the dismissal in March of this year for the "wrong coverage of events in the Donbass" Andrey Babitsky, who has worked at the radio station beginning with a zero. However, according to the official version he just has undergone reduction." September 2, 2014 I filmed the exhumation of 4 tel: 2 civil and 2 fighters - journalist described the events preceding the Exodus from radio stations.- according to the testimony of local people, not the militia, ordinary residents of the village of Novosvitlivka, these people executed the Ukrainian volunteer battalion " Aidar ". I did this is not explained, and only caught on camera and sent to the Moldovan edition of " Radio Liberty ". Video published on the Internet representation. At this point, the nationalists who sit in the Ukrainian edition of " Radio Liberty ", was hysterical. It created quite a stir. I only released the Video, which was what I really saw my comments. But the Video was soon removed. On 26 September, I returned to Prague. I was invited and said that my place was reduced." Radio Liberty " and undoubtedly became Clear only in the instrument imposing American ", - quotes the portal Babitsky. In addition to this, angry former employees is a gross violation of both law and ethics that is practiced at the radio station. Andrey Babitsky recognizes that he is formally dismissed the legality of his resignation, speaking about his colleagues ? the same Anna Karapetian, an Armenian citizen and the citizen of Croatia Snezhana Pelivan, he agreed that in Their case for dismissal " were not complied with all the legal procedures ". Both women for a long time they worked at the radio station, and after They were fired without explanation." It turned out that the "Freedom" are even double and triple standards. People in the United States work on the same conditions, the Czechs - in other Authorized " third countries ", i.e. Citizens with Russian, Ukrainian, Croatian, Serbian, Georgian, and other passports to third. They have the option to kick at any moment, and the judiciary is on the side of the wording, " writes the portal." The suddenness and realize the nonsense of my resignation was just incredible, " says Karapetyan.- By this time I had three young children - even that the administration of the radio station did not stop. From the building of the radio station brought Me under escort, to say goodbye to listeners not given. I tried to meet with the Acting President of radio Jeff Trimble, But he did not accept Me. Currently he is a senior official of the Broadcasting Board of Governors (SUV) in the U.S. capital, and this is because the Board of Directors of RFE/RL." The reasons for my resignation, RFE/RL has not disclosed even in the Czech courts, As both Anna and I in our day do not know - is echoed by a colleague Snjezana Pelivan, daughter of the first Prime Minister of independent Bosnia.- in the courts of the radio station insisted on their American right to dismiss foreign workers without the orders of Reasons. According to the German proverb - " Insist on their right to be a pig." These are the consequences that Citizens of foreign countries sign standard employment contracts governed by U.S. law." In the end, each of the European courts caved under American law." The European court of human rights our complaints left without consideration, without any motivation, says Pelivan.- Apparently, the American laws and in his "optics" are not covered. Accordingly, the court of last resort for us was the Council of the United Nations on human rights ". A complaint to the UN Both journalism filed in June, now waiting for its consideration.

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Garabedian: children Seized in Beslan we are not `recommended` to call terrorists
 -  Знаменитости Garabedian: children Seized in Beslan we are not `recommended` to call terrorists
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