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Valeriya Lanskaya gave birth with her husband

Popular actress Valeria Lanskaya, these days have become mother, told in a Frank interview about the baby.

She confessed that during pregnancy led an active life, and in the hospital went together with her husband, who during childbirth was sitting in a nearby room.

A boy named Artem was born on 3 September. The baby was born very large - 4300 G. Husband of Valeria Lanskaya Stas Ivanov was near until she has given birth. "I was always beside Leroy, however, not in the maternity unit, and located near the room. I felt that she needed my support. And when a son was born, I immediately heard it. And after 5 minutes I had already made and given to the hands. I spent 10-15 minutes. We walked through the corridors, aboutб+rode the Elevator, and I personally put it in the cradle in the children's branch. By the way, I tested the theory that a newborn recognizes the voice of the father. When the son began to cry, I began to converse with him, and he immediately calmed down. It turns out that when he was in my stomach and I spoke with him, he remembered my voice! It just struck me," he confessed Stas.

Throughout pregnancy Valeria led an active lifestyle, a lot of rehearsing and worked hard to move more. She felt great and no strange taste preferences of the spouse did not torture. "Pregnancy is not a disease, and say all the time that I feel bad and difficult, is not an option. I, on the contrary, I always wanted to move, to do something around the house, to create comfort," quote Valeria Lanskaya "7 Days".

Stas confessed that just learning about the interesting position of Valeria, immediately began to dream about my daughter. However when it was revealed that the couple will have a son, absolutely not upset. The husband of actress announced that one child they do not intend to be limited. "And, God forbid, the next will be a girl. But I don't think it will happen in the foreseeable future, as She plans to return to the profession, it is extremely important. She wants to work, and I think it would be fair to give her the opportunity to realize themselves. And if to give birth to one child at a time - it will obviously be a hindrance to active work," said Stas.

It is interesting that in the beginning of October, she expects to go to work. "But everything will depend on the joint state and my child. While it took little time to build some projects. But I don't see anything wrong with the fact that going early to go to work. Undoubtedly, the 1st time my mother was going to help, and after that the nanny will appear," - said Valery.

Over the name of the baby the couple thought for a long time. Officially his name is Artem, baptized the same name, but in private life his name is short - Topic. In conclusion, Valery and Stas noted that their relationship developed rapidly: not married yet, as the child was born. "We joke that we had a whirlwind romance. We are actually extremely quickly figured out that they fit together, we wish to be together. Already at 2 months of Dating we started to think about children. And after 3 months I made Leer the proposal," said Stas. Valeria shared his opinion: "When you know that near your guy, why wait? You need to be together and build a life together."

Source: Valeriya Lanskaya gave birth with her husband

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