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Father Friske: Shepelev pounced on Yuri Nikolaev

The singer's father Zhanna Friske Vladimir Borisovich continues to share with reporters the revelations about their own failed husband - to-be famous TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev.

According to him, the showman is not the one for whom he is, and even speaks of the abomination behind the backs of their colleague, co-host Yuri Nikolaev.

According to Vladimir Borisovich, Dmitry Shepelev decidedly not the type of person it claims to be, he even allowed himself to attacks on co-host Yuri Nikolaev: he said in his address and unflattering words including insults.

"We immediately realized that Shepelev is an extremely jealous and vindictive people. He does not tolerate professional people. The success of Joan unnerved him, and how he responded about the employees - to hear it was unpleasant! Often I was giving him feedback so that he in us has not wronged his own co-host on the program "Property of Republic" Yury Nikolaev. Say: "Yuri shares with you 1 platform, teaches you, and you answer him with such ingratitude!" But Shepeleva 1 song: that old conquered TV, but they do not give the road. With company parties returned psycho: type, didn't stick him in front of all sorts of morons and rednecks to speak" - quoted Vladimir Borisovich "Express newspaper".

Not to mention the fact that, after the appearance of Joan in the apartment of relatives Shepeleva, it disappeared diamond set artist. "At the moment he's in the living space of our Joan made a dormitory for their countless family members. And since there were things my daughter is everything to her. What to say, 9 days after the death of Jeanne passed, my wife and my friends daughter decided to visit her house. Went in and was stupefied: from housing missing a fur coat and an expensive diamond set. This ornament Joan gave on the 30th anniversary. She herself of such things does not bought - jewelry more loved. Diamonds are a costly thing, in consequence of this daughter set kept in a safety Deposit box. But for months before his death Shepelev was forced Jeanne to take the decoration home. More nobody had seen him..." - said the singer's father.

And yet Vladimir Borisovich is ready to go to the world to see his grandson Plato. "I never thought I'd be burying my own girl. And especially do not suspect that someone will start to blame us. Many currently up for Shepeleva say: he is such an excellent dad, why are you attacking him? To such people I want to say only one thing: what do you know about him?! I'm beginning every ounce of my strength and tried about our relationship with Dima not to say. But when he took my Plato stopped communicating, I could not hold any more. Shepelev understand how we are tied to the grandson, here and twists-twirls. But even after all this shit, when we commemorated Janocko on the 40th day of her passing, my missus said: "Vova, if Dima at the moment appeared, I would have a hug and forget all the bad..." It's true. We are ready to forgive all for the sake of her grandson. For the sake of our Plato", - said Vladimir Borisovich.

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