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The family's lawyer Friske appealed to Shepelevo

The family's lawyer Friske, which had previously applied for civilian spouse of his daughter, turned to Shepelevo. He stressed that the parents of the deceased stars suggest to solve the issue of meetings with little grandson Plato peaceful method, but they are ready to translate the incident with the TV presenter in a criminal plane.

The incident between the parents of the deceased stars and Dmitry Shepelev, which broke out in consequence of the small son of Jeanne Friske Plato, begins to gain momentum. After the Friske family was attracted to this case the guardianship, their interests are represented by lawyer Alexander Karabanov. He emphasizes that grandparents Plato has the absolute right to see a small grandson.

Not to mention the fact that adept Friske blackmailing Shepeleva, saying that if this does not happen, then the case may go into a criminal plane. "In civil family code is written all the aspects regarding the right to communication of all members of the family with minors, - quotes the lawyer "the Moscow Komsomolets". - At this step we have addressed with official statements to the authorities. Day Dmitry Shepelev will be triggered by the employees of social services".

Adept is known of the family stressed that, despite the popularity of both parties of the incident, the issue of meetings of the Friske family with a little Plato will understand the General procedure. "One way or another - a popular family or not - they work strictly according to the law and its own internal regulations. For starters, they will explain Dmitry the rights and duties of each party and offer to resolve the issue in a peaceful method. To agree each other about the time of communication with Plato. If this is not possible, and Dmitry will continue to infringe on the rights of the Friske family, we will have to apply to the Tribunal. To evade the law he does not work. I am absolutely sure of winning the case going to court", - said the adept of the family of the deceased artist.

The attorney representing the Frisco in addition turned to Dimitri shepelevu. Karabanov explained that the incident the TV presenter can get bad. "Dear Dmitry, I'm not emotionally involved in this family incident, though Joan knew and was friendly with her. Extremely hope that all parties in this difficult situation will come to an agreement in a peaceful method without trial. But if you continue to refuse my visitors in this by law the right to communicate with his own grandson, or especially, continue to threaten to take the boy to another state, we will be forced to settle the resulting precedent is a completely different plane - a criminal. Objectively, the boy needs to communicate with the family of her deceased mother. Especially that from birth he grew up with them. Dmitry, you lead this way of life - work, build their own lives and that is perfectly fine - that the baby would be entrusted to the care of 3 persons. He would be better if they will be relatives, grandparents that love him too," added the adept family of Jeanne Friske.

Note that a lawyer who acts against Dmitry Shepelev, was regarded as a friend of the late Jeanne Friske. He met with the star 7 years ago on the program "the Great race". "I was in one of the teams. Also, we have many joint friends. Of course, I knew all that is done and immediately saw that Joan violated the rights of parents. But they came to me and asked me to do the case themselves. I did not show initiative," explained Alexander Karabanov.

Days.Roux wrote that less than half a year since the death of popular singer Zhanna Friske, her family came to the incident, the former son-in-law Dmitry Shepelev with the help of advocates and public services. The last time relatives of Jeanne Friske assure that Dmitry Shepelev forbids them to see her grandson and literally hiding the baby from them. Recently, the singer's father made a scene outside the home of TV presenter. Vladimir Kopylov has declared that he came to take away his grandson, and even threatened Shepelevo murder, then Dmitri gave the man in the Tribunal.

Source: The family's lawyer Friske appealed to Shepelevo

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