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Leont'ev got a bloody scandal

Unpleasant incident happened in Nizhnevartovsk. Artists from the team of the famous singer Valery Leontiev ransacked in their host hotel.

According to the adherents of the hotel "Ob" taking musician Valery Leontiev, in the night of 18 to 19 October the artists from his team trashed a hotel room and caused damage to the hotel property. Team members musician after the performance put up a fight in the hotel hallway, then moved into the room of one of the artists. According to the documents signed by the employees of the administration, the room was "covered in blood" in the living room had a broken lamp, toilet tank and sink. According to the head of Elena Dergunova, at the time of the riot artists were in a state of alcoholic intoxication.

"The night before the departure they gave the room a colossal drunk. In the morning, when they left, admin has revealed a destroyed room. I have never had ever! Another one hit my head, they shook her with our clean towels, the wound had to sew up at the airport, they almost took flight. Broke the lamp in half - they beat each other over the heads. All over the walls, the carpets, the walls, the toilet tank is broken!" quoted Dergunova Super.

As announced by the lady, until she decided not to contact the police in order not to spoil the reputation of a folk musician. The Director expressed the hope that all can be settled in a peaceful method. "A man from their company asked me: "Elena, please, don't call the police, we're gonna make that!". I, out of respect for Valery, did not. Witnesses who lived in the night in our hotel said it all and it was impossible to stop - it was just a drunken Orgy! I actually figured it out from airport employees. They called me and said: "There are people in your towels with bloody heads fight!" In other words, they are still there and fought," - said the Director of the hotel.

Damage representatives of the "Obi" estimated 150 thousand rubles. In the event of failure to pay the required amount of the Director confessed that he would write a statement to the police: "We have calculated that the total loss by approximately 150 thousand. We removed all the carpet, white Wallpaper, sink, mattresses, pillows, even curtains they managed to break". As a us newspaper reports, at the time of the emergency room the musician was located far from the room brawlers, in consequence of the Leontief didn't hear fought its artists.

At the same time, the Director of the musical group Valery Leontiev said that the reason of inadequate behavior of actors - an attack of epilepsy, which suddenly started one of them. "Our guitarist, Valery Dolgin, who lived in this room, there was an epileptic seizure. Hit the lamp, he cut his head, resulting in a lot of blood. He offered to repair it on their own, but the innkeeper refused, charging us 150 thousand rubles", - he said.

Source: Leont'ev got a bloody scandal

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