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Father Friske became ill on the show

Released from the clinic Vladimir Borisovich came to the shooting with new information. He said that has no relation to the sensational disappearance of 20 million rubles collected for the healing of his daughter, hinting at the involvement of TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev. But in the Studio the father of Joan brought heart.

Vladimir Borisovich became the guest of the transfer of Boris Korchevnikov "live". According to the man, he 2 weeks spent in the clinic on a drip after a heart attack, and when discharged, he suffered a fresh blow - lost 20 million rubles collected for treatment Janna. The father of the actress assured that he is not alleging that the fate of the remaining 20 million know TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev.

According to Vladimir Borisovich, still a lot of money. "There is missing data on 20 million rbl., and much more. Of course, I don't know how many exactly were gone. At least 60-80 million rubles.. We do these funds not disposed of. All paid Shepelev. Bank card Jeanne, I took Shepeleva only may 9, when I went to Israel for medical drug. But when the final time I went for the vaccine, wanted to pay, cards have not worked. They were empty, without funds," said the father Friske website "Komsomolskaya Pravda".

Only Jeanne had 3 Bank accounts. "Plus, these Bank cards daughter, in addition to viewers collected by the funds were the savings of Joan. And all these Bank cards were ordered Dmitri. We had no right to touch them. Even if I had acquired with his own funds, cheques gave Shepelevo. Dima and all the cheques collected to report to the "Rusfond". I know he's in Germany (don't know which one of the Belarusian own family members) this card has paid for expensive medical drugs in extremely large amount", - said the resident of the transfer.

No funds collected by Grigory Leps. "Missing cash the Leps, which the musician gave at the treatment of Joan. A considerable amount! I said, "Dima, where's the cash?" And he told me: "I don't know! What cash?" - said Vladimir Borisovich.

It was also suggested that recent months Shepelev didn't live with them. "Zhanna Dima recently was not. I said to him: "Dima, if people find out that you're building a house..." Someone, by the way, said, they say, is the father Friske is building a house. Although I built my own house 14 years ago. And the house that builds Dima, I never saw. And only now beginning to understand that he was forced Jeanne to buy this house when she was already sick. About a million $ house this is. I learned that the attorney for the erection of a house of Jeanne signed in America. The Bank said that in early July 2013, Shepeleva have any power of attorney from Joan. And the daughter got sick in June. In July, she was under strong medication. And I'm at the moment going to deal with it, to pick up all the paper. Half of the building Shepelev scored on themselves, half to Jeanne," - said the father of the actress.

Vladimir Borisovich confessed that they left a lot of unused medicines. "I have a medical drugs, probably for is RUB 9 million, which remained unused. My youngest daughter Natasha at the moment, a lot of stuff already in the children's cancer center. Together with some friends took the children medicines, cash. And yet we have a luxury medicine that we want to give patients the kids", - said the representative of the stronger sex.

It was also suggested that Jeanne was extremely in love with Shepeleva. "I accidentally found out about the dime, when the daughter arrived from Mexico. We met together with her chauffeur Ivan, and he told me: "Vladimir Borisovich, let's see, this is Dima!" Shepelev walked past without even saying Hello. When he appeared in our home, our house is like cursed. We were told acquaintances that Dima was the 1st wife from Belarus (TV presenter Anna Startseva, whose parents had a chain of pharmacies. - Approx. ed.), a girl from a wealthy family, which helped him," he shared interesting information, father Friske.

In conclusion, he appealed to Shepelevo: "I want Dima to say: if you are only interested in money, take everything! Take all the apartments, let us see Plato!" We only grandson interested. At the moment Shepelev prohibits to meet with Plato and my daughter Natasha. He is not willing to admit the child and the godmother, singer and friend Jeanne Olga Orlova".

At the end of the program my dad Zhanna Friske became bad with heart. The representative of the stronger sex got up from the sofa and left the Studio. "Vladimir Borisovich went for the drops, he fell ill. He's only here from the hospital came," explained moderator Boris korchevnikov.

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