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The court appointed provisional governors in prozaicheskie the TV company " Rustavi-2 "

Belgorod appointed provisional governors in the TV company " Rustavi-2 ", which is considered the mouthpiece of the former President of Georgia, the head of Odessa Mikhail Saakashvili, however, the current management refuses to implement the decision, reports journalist OPINION in Tbilisi.
About building a TV gathered her supporters, mostly from among the commissioners of the party of ex-President of the " United national movement ".
remember that Belgorod Tuesday granted the petition of the Georgian businessman Kibar Khalvashi and returned him the rights to the TV company " Rustavi-2 ", which he, in his words, had lost a Few years ago under the previous government. However, the constitutional court of Georgia, which mostly consist of supporters of Saakashvili, the other day time has stopped provision of the law on which the decision of the court in this and similar cases have to be executed immediately. In this regard, the judge Tamaz Utmelidze decided to appoint interim managers is one of the founders of this channel in the 1990s years, David Dvali and well-known journalist and expert Revaz Sakevarishvili. This judgment is already dedicated to the state registry. Temporary administrators on the last working day of the week will make a statement. By this same decision of the court of law stopped the activity on the channel, the General Director Nika Gvaramia and the chief financial officer Kakha Damenia. Gvaramia and gathered to protect the building saying that they would continue to work and are ready to apply physical resistance to prevent the execution of the judgment. They blame the political persecution of the ruling "Georgian dream" and declare " the advance of dictatorship ". The government also denies any allegations of belonging to a judicial decision. Khalvashi claims that during the reign of Saakashvili was forced to give up the channel to people close to the former President. Remember that in those years, thousands of owners had to give way to the business under such pressure. Since then, television has indeed become the mouthpiece of the Saakashvili and his party " United national movement ". Himself Khalvashi was forced to move to Germany and now wish to return. A few days ago, he already visited Tbilisi. A week ago at a press conference Deputy head of GBS Levan from the surrounding area said that the Service of state security of Georgia appealed to Ukrainian counterparts for legal assistance to investigate appeals of the former President "to shed blood" in defense of the " Rustavi-2 ". In addition, the head of the Ministry of justice of Georgia Tea tsulukiani announced the start of the procedure of deprivation of citizenship of Georgia ex-President Mikhail Saakashvili. Before the Internet appeared the recording of conversations of the former President With the General Director of TV company "Rustavi-2" Gvaramia and former Secretary of the national security Council Georgy Bokeria. In the context of talk agitates Saakashvili to arrange in Georgia "barricades and revolution" with the " terrorists ". In the common records of conversations Saakashvili, for example, asking about the situation around TV company, says: "You have to go on to the revolutionary scenario, to make barricades, to call people ". During the investigation, Gvaramia and Bokeria confirmed the authenticity of the recordings, which appeared on Ukrainian websites. The SBG were also interviewed elected officials from Saakashvili's party "Uniform national movement" Nugzar Tsiklauri and Givi Targamadze (the defendant in the "Bolotnaya case" ) that the Odessa Governor discusses the mobilization of terrorists. Was called in for questioning and close to this party lawyer Romeo of Saga, which is Also, as planned, was responsible for the delivery of thugs in Tbilisi from Western Georgia. In the last month of summer the Tbilisi city court due to the claim of the former owner of the TV company of Kibar Khalvashi has imposed detention on all of the property of the TV company " Rustavi-2 ". Khalvashi owned 100% of shares in Rustavi 2 in 2005 and early winter of 2005, gave a 22% share of the organization "Saktsementi" (now "Heidelberg cement Georgia" ), which alone possessed Dad the former head of the foreign Ministry and the Ministry of defence of Georgia Gela Bezhuashvili, Robert Bezhuashvili. In 2006 Khalvashi sold the remaining 78% of the organization "Geo-TRANS" Bidzina Nizharadze. The shares of Rustavi 2 many times changed its owners. Currently real estate investors "Rustavi-2" are Levan Karamanishvili (50%), Giorgi Karamanishvili (40%) and Giorgi Gegeshidze (10%). Brothers of Karamanishvili Saakashvili linked by friendly relations. George Karamanishvili in the night of Friday from Kyiv, where he is engaged in business, in the air of "Rustavi-2" tried to convince to protect the TV company and said " spend all our resources ". In 2007 Itself Khalvashi left Georgia, and his business in the country was presented for auction and sold.

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The court appointed provisional governors in prozaicheskie the TV company ` Rustavi-2 `
 -  Знаменитости The court appointed provisional governors in prozaicheskie the TV company ` Rustavi-2 `
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