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The daughter of Dogileva brought herself to anorexia

The daughter of the famous actress Catherine brought herself to anorexia. Tatyana Dogileva has confessed that he considers the time of demise.

"I realized that you can lose the daughter, at that disastrous period. All started with the fact that my Kate about+called a fat cow," began the narration of Tatiana Dogileva. 5 years ago, her daughter Catherine began to fight with ANO+rexia. The girl had a difficult relationship with food - as a child, suffered from Allergy+and were sitting on a diet. From meat refused - sorry MS+housing. And as a teenager began to gain weight on+of legal on pasta and Choco+way. In 13 years with the growth of 170 cm Catherine weighed about 65 kg..

"I wanted not+a lot to lose weight. Found a group in the social+network - it girls shared their experiences, posted photos of achievements. I made+La as well and got terrible kOhm+commentary" - shared the girl. Then she decided to become a building+Noah at any cost: excluded from the ratio+in flour, sweet, eating fruits and vegetables. The pounds started to leave. "Daughter of a hundred+La so fragile, lovely. She stated that it would continue to lose weight, but I'm not worried - named Katya, the figure seemed sane" - quoted Starhit Dogileva.

For the year, Kate dropped 25 kg, but failed - harmony has transformed into obsession. "I could have 10 days without eating, and later twice to bite the Apple and blame myself: they say, broke. But the worst thing - the weight rose. The organism was exhausted and stopped from+kg to give.. Started depres+and this" - he remembered the daughter of the actress.

However, she has continued to teach+Xia at school, walk with friends to the movies. "Had a dizzy spell. To my great joy, about+of hassle does not fall. Was freezing even in summer. Mom was worried, standing in front of me on her knees, persuaded to eat at least an Apple. But I still love her, never thought that I would betray themselves and their own aim is to lose weight. At+that was worse - I wanted there, but I'm all twisted. All that I devoured, wanted to come back. In a+point realized that 1 can't handle. Mother took me to the nutrition center, where I spent a month put in order - pill treatments, interviews with psychologists..." - confessed Catherine.

At the moment, a young woman 20 years old, and in her home no weights. "I wear clothes of size M, and pleased with themselves," she said. After graduating from secondary school, Dogileva went back to the UK, he studied at the preparatory courses AK+Terek skill. He later moved to live in new+York. "The Gun movie Voyage is on the final stages of post-production. Then it will be sent to kinofest+Wali, even in Cannes. I want all young women struggling with anorexia, like me, believe in themselves and their own strength. It entirely depends only on ourselves!" - convinced the daughter of the actress.

Source: The daughter of Dogileva brought herself to anorexia

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Dogileva Tatiana
Dogileva Tatiana

The daughter of Dogileva brought herself to anorexia -  The daughter of Dogileva brought herself to anorexia
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