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Tourist operators have started to suspend the sale of tours to Turkey

The tour operator "Natalie tours" has stopped selling tours to Turkey after the incident with the Russian su-24, informs the press service of the organization.
"According to the presidential decree from 8 November 2015" on certain measures for the maintenance of state security of the Russian Federation and the protection of citizens of the Russian Federation from criminal and other illegal actions ", "Natalie tours" declares a temporary halt from November 24, 2015 the sale of tourist services in the direction of Turkey on the territory of the Russian Federation, as well as ? in Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus, where the official representative of the tour operator ", ? notified on the Internet office of tourism organizations.
"due to the unstable political situation and in Accordance with the measures taken by government to ensure the safety of Russians, the "Natalie tours" adopt a conclusion on suspension of sales of tours in Turkey starting from 24 November 2015 ", ? it is reported in the report. It is noted that "Natalie tours" guarantees the performance of their obligations to travelers pursuant to the legislative act. Now All sales of tour packages, "Natalie tours" in the direction of Turkey in the Russian Federation and the CIS stopped for a while. The head of the PR service of the organization Inessa Doykov said that the Tour operators send tourists only in Istanbul and in a very small number." This is a core direction for the organization, and traffic volumes were small. Sales depth ? is expected to last until the New year ", - has told the authorized organization to the portal " Interfax-Tourism ". First press Secretary of the Russian Union of travel industry (PCT) Irina Tyurina, referring to the largest tour operators said that the Russian travellers not to cancel trips to Turkey after the incident with su-24." All the major tour operators that organize trips of Russian citizens in Turkey, said that no of cancellations no. Such data was adopted in the companies " Pegas Touristik ", Coral Travel, Intourist, TEZ Tour and Brisco. The agencies also agree about the fact that one does not step back from trips ", ? she said. The head of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation S. V. Lavrov after the incident with the Russian su-24 did not go to Turkey. On Tuesday a member of the Department of the Federation Council on international Affairs Igor Morozov made an initiative to make Turkey in the list of countries with which Russia has for the time stopped the flights, Russian travelers may not stay in a country where unsafe. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin called the incident with the Russian su-24 in the Syrian Arab Republic "stab in the back" that caused the accomplices of the terrorists. Putin also said the tragedy with the Russian aircraft in the Syrian Arab Republic will have serious repercussions for relations between Moscow and Ankara. On Tuesday the Russian su-24 was shot down by F-16 air forces of Turkey in the Syrian Arab Republic on the border with Turkey. The pilots managed to eject. Fate of pilots unknown, informally referred to their deaths. Ankara claims that the su-24 As if he had violated the country's airspace. According to the Ministry of defense of Russia, data of objective observations demonstrate that the Russian su-24 did not violate the airspace of Turkey.

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Tourist operators have started to suspend the sale of tours to Turkey
 -  Знаменитости Tourist operators have started to suspend the sale of tours to Turkey
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