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The rescuer told how he pulled the baby from under rubble in Magnitogorsk

. Rescue center "Leader" Peter Gritsenko, who pulled from Under the rubble of a house in Magnitogorsk 11-month-old boy, told about how took place this operation.

Gritsenko runs in the center of the "Leader" controls the priority of rescue works in zones of emergency. He said his task force was instructed to move To the work site.

according to his statement, rescuers used TV sound system search - bait with a video camera to explore All the cavities." All cavities checked, around which were large. Not found, But the sound was distinct. Then called the dog calculation, the dog agreed that there is a living person. Began to dismantle, " said Gritsenko.

He added that the blockage was very dense.

"Timber structures, floors, it's All concise, on one another. There was a danger that All this could collapse and crawl. More worried Not for the life of the rescuers, and for a small child, " says the Lifeguard.

But the firemen knew from witnesses that a baby cot is quite close to the sofa, said Gritsenko.

"Secured, cleaned the sofa, it seemed a part of the cot. Broken wardrobe, stuff. To the child it was impossible to get close, because one plate To the other approached. The place was quite a bit ", He continued, adding that he had heard the child, But could Not act because of the risk of harm.

according to his statement, the child was saved by the fact that He was pinned To the floor with a crib and mattress and warmly dressed in a jacket and diaper. Under the baby was a blanket protecting from the cold plate, and the head was clamped a Cabinet, so that there the air. For reviews of lifeguard, " the position of the body is close To perfect for so long to be ".

Gritsenko added that during the rescue operation remained the Danger of structural failure: the child was pulled from below and from above a blockage to the present moment Not dismantled.

Was initially stated, that was found Under the rubble of boy - girl, But later, the Governor of Chelyabinsk region Boris Dubrovsky said, because it is a child.

The baby was taken to children's hospital N 3. Doctors assess his condition as extremely serious - he had severe frostbite of the extremities, a closed craniocerebral trauma, multiple fractures of the tibia and General hypothermia.

in Magnitogorsk went the team of the best doctors, intensive care and chief neonatologist of the region. Experts from the Federal medical centers are ready to connect To the telemedicine consultations. It was later announced that the boy is evacuated to the capital of Russia. To do this, from the capital to Magnitogorsk flew pediatric anesthesiologists-resuscitators and surgeons.

Mother the child was also alive. She had arrived at the hospital and learned her own son.

An explosion of gas occurred in the ten-storied house on the Avenue of Karl Marx, 164, about 4: 00 GMT 31 Dec. After the explosion collapsed one of the entrances. According to the MOE, destroyed 26 apartments, where they lived 46 people.

8 people lost their lives, four adults and 13-year-old teenager are in hospital. The fate of another 35 people is unknown.

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The rescuer told how he pulled the baby from under rubble in Magnitogorsk -  Знаменитости The rescuer told how he pulled the baby from under rubble in Magnitogorsk шоу бизнес последние эротические фотографии  эротика лучшие
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