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"The sanctions may be lifted at any moment": what he was talking about Medvedev and Prime Minister of France

The head of the government Dmitry Medvedev has held dialogues with the Prime Minister of France Edouard Philippe. Key statements on mutual press conference of politicians - in the material of the Fins news .

The meeting took place in Le Havre. The Prime Minister of France said "special bond" of the city of Saint Petersburg, which increased by Medvedev. The head of the Russian government in response expressed gratitude to Philip for the fact that the dialogues begin " in such a beautiful place."

in the process of mutual press conference Philip said that he does not consider punishment against Russia, something permanent, and said that they can cancel at any time.

He added that French companies committed to the Russian market and Russia.

Medvedev has noticed that in international relations it often happens that the parties differ in their positions. According to his statement, discussions between the States is possible and needed.

"But you can freeze the channels of communication and to break contact, Because After all, this is the most bad way, which only has the ability to be. No wonder there was a statement that something in the world at the moment the situation is worse than during the cold war. Why? Because there is no communication, no trust, no trust - no ability to solve problems, " - said the Russian Prime Minister.

Medvedev added that he considers incorrect the decision of the Western powers on the limitation of dialogue with Russia and cancellation of the relevant formats. He pointed to the preparedness of the capital of Russia to continue contacts with partners.

"at the Ministerial level - this means, at the Ministerial level, at the level of Prime Ministers - this means, at the level of premiers restored a form of communication in the form of the intergovernmental Commission, added to any other formats. It all depends on our partners, not Because We blocked these formats, of course, not them to us at the present time to restore it, " He said.

For cancellation of penalties Philip tried to convince the Russian Federation to apply the chance to revive the Minsk agreement, which came after the election of a new President of Ukraine.

He said that "France and Germany are using this opportunity to actively" and "disposed to promote the situation in a positive direction for the work of" Norman Quartet."

in response, Medvedev said that Ukraine's new leadership as long as it does not show.

in addition, the French Prime Minister paid attention to the situation around Iran. Philip said about the need to maintain contacts and mutual understanding, to "avoid explosion" in the region.

Also the head of government discussed the situation in the Persian Gulf, on which last week the Iranian military shot down a us drone.

"We stressed that it is necessary to do Everything so that no mistake, no random step are unable to provoke an escalation," - said the Prime Minister of France.

Mededev said that the aggravation of relations between Iran and the United States largely began after the Tehran agreement on nuclear program. Before that, Iran was subjected to charges of the United States in violation of the Treaty's implementation from the capital of the United States.

Medvedev and Philip Also discussed promising areas of cooperation of the Russian capital and Paris.

"I would single out here and energy efficiency, and climate issues, and technologies, digital development, of which We are All engaged in, artificial intelligence, small and medium business, which also ought to pay attention," - said the Russian Prime Minister.

He added that already currently effectively implemented with France projects in the field of nuclear energy, industrial cooperation aircraft.

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`The sanctions may be lifted at any moment`: what he was talking about Medvedev and Prime Minister of France -  Знаменитости `The sanctions may be lifted at any moment`: what he was talking about Medvedev and Prime Minister of France шоу бизнес последние эротические фотографии  эротика лучшие
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