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"Silvio and I are closer together than ever"

RT is lifting the veil on the personal life of Silvio Berlusconi in an exclusive interview with his reported Russian flame, Raisa Skorkina. And she says their bond is getting tighter day by day...

RT: How did you meet Silvio Berlusconi.? What kind of impression did he make on you?

RS: I can`t even explain what I felt inside when I met him. He gave me goosebumps when I saw him because he`s a very handsome man- It was love at first sight. He`s such a gentleman, a 100 percent man in every sense - the way he treats women. Only the best words could describe him.

RT: How often do you see each other now? Tell us about your relationship.

RS: For me he`s always been like a "Guardian Angel," as he puts it himself. In my heart my feelings for him sparkle, and he knows it. And this is going to stay forever. You should understand that even if fall in love or marry, my husband might resent it, but Silvio will stay in my heart forever- I`m gonna cry now- Even if he has 15 free minutes, he says `Raya, come!`, and I come and we`ll talk.

RT: New witnesses in the Berlusconi prosecution case said that party guests behaved indecently and they were also encouraged to take part in some kind of frivolous game. What can you tell us about Berlusconi`s parties?

RS: I once was at his New Year`s party and we all glided smoothly to the dancefloor, there was a DJ and we just started dancing, there were drinks and cool things floating around the place. And there were men, not only women as the media says. Once he invited a special dance show, but it wasn`t like anything outrageous, it was a beautiful Moulin Rouge-style show. He started singing, because he always sings very, very well, like Pavarotti, his voice is very powerful. He writes songs himself and then sings them. That`s how it all starts, we eat and he starts singing or telling jokes. Then I took him by the hand, we went to his office, discussed my business and I left, that`s it.

RT: Can you tell us about the presents Mr. Berlusconi gave you?

RS: Silvio gives presents- to all women, not to men. He has special scarves - "fulare" - and he gives them to women, like a momento of visiting Berlusconi. It might be a pin, or a ring - nothing expensive - or a scarf. Everything is made especially for him so that he can give his own presents.

RT: Who could benefit from the scandal - Do you think Berlusconi is being attacked by a special media campaign?

RS: It`s the communists! Of course it`s them, who else would benefit? They want to get rid of him as fast as possible, by any means- I don`t know, they might even bring something from the Moon and say that Berlusconi did something there. That`s all we need right now.

RT: Can you tell us more about the secret language that you`re using with Silvio B.?

RS: Around 2005 they started digging into my private business and tapping my phone to discredit Silvio. We understood this situation. So, for example, if I was in trouble and I couldn`t handle it myself, I asked him for help and he immediately understood it and helped. Well there are a couple of words, but I can`t tell you, because if they tap me again they`ll understand everything!

RT: Who came up with the idea of this secret language?

RS: Well of course it was him!

RT: Do you feel secure even though Berlusconi leaves in 2013?

RS: I`ll build my own destiny and we`ll see each other and sit on the bench in his garden and laugh and tell jokes. You can`t even imagine how much he loves Italy! Once he told me, "Raya, I think I`ll die working."

Source: "Silvio and I are closer together than ever"

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`Silvio and I are closer together than ever` -  Знаменитости `Silvio and I are closer together than ever` шоу бизнес последние эротические фотографии  эротика лучшие
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