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Elena Zakharova told about men

The famous film and theatre actress Elena Zakharova gave an interview. She reported on the work in theatre and film, about misunderstanding with Sergey Prokhanov and confessed that he was dreaming about family.

In the life of Elena Zakharova was bound to happen a lot. A couple of years ago in the life of the actress there was a tragedy: her little daughter died. Recall that in early February 2011 artist first became a mother. Daddy little girl was her civil husband entrepreneur Sergey Mamatov, who was much older than the wife. Literally until the final months of pregnancy actress starred in films and appeared on the social events, featuring elegant clothes and rounded belly. Newborn baby dubbed Anna Maria.

However, in early October the girl is seriously ill. Anna-Maria was raised temperature, concerned parents caused pay the carriage of emergency medical care, but health workers failed to make a diagnosis. Next was caused 2nd emergency, however precious time was lost. The girl was hospitalized in the infectious diseases clinic, where she is 5 days spent in intensive care, but the crumbs to rescue failed. Zakharova, experiencing grief, went head to work. She ignored all public events, which previously frequented.

But she managed to survive the pain of loss. She began to go out to film, to participate in theatrical productions. So, Elena is considered a leading actress of the Theatre of the moon, the artistic Manager of a famous artist Sergey Prokhanov. "And there were times when Sergey Borisovich Prokhanov wanted me to drive. He's very charismatic, but irritable and principled. I also character. I needed the course to go to the theatre festival in Brno. It was the eve of the premiere. Sergey Borisovich wouldn't let me leave. Not to go, I could not, to sum up the course could not. In the view "Last" by Gorky's play, which we drove to the festival, I played the Faith. We Prokhanov swore, and he is in the hearts said, "Well, go on then!" And turned his back, and I caught his sleeve to keep, and blurted out: "do not go!" He was stricken", - quotes Zakharov "Express newspaper".

We were talking about his personal life. The actress said: "Very many for me to care. And I was in love again. And I had a family... And I hope that everything is ahead. I don't lose hope to meet a private person. Lady without a family is sad and wrong. I do not like the state of loneliness. I like when a house full of people, children, dogs. This creates comfort. What is the theatre? This is not the whole life, it's all the same visibility. When I was married, led the house, cooked, cleaned. I think that woman, even though she and actress, certainly obliged to care for a spouse and to prepare itself, even if the house has an AU pair. Personally I like the wise men, charismatic, self, not just from the artists. Artist so stuck on himself, and I hunt in more male partner. Business people, bright, ambitious person, I am even more interesting because they have different knowledge they learned in other institutions."

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