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In the Stavropol territory in the framework of the Slavic forum held creative meetings and screenings

in the Stavropol territory in the framework of the second day V Slavic art forum " Golden knight " is a series of creative meetings with the stars, film and exhibition opening ceremonies, said the journalist of the news Agency, June 9 at the Ministry of culture of the region.
The main events unfolding Today in the regional center. In the cinema " salute " held screenings of the films-winners of the XXIII international cinema forum " Golden knight ". There was a creative meeting with popular actors of theatre and cinema.
in the regional Museum of fine arts hosts Exhibition of Greek masters pictures Kostas Asimisa " My Athos ". The material For the exhibition photographer collected several decades in the monasteries and temples of the Holy mountain Athos. The exhibition has already been held with great success in a number of Russian and Ukrainian cities. Residents of the regional capital will be able to visit the exhibition for five days.
in the framework of the forum in the regional House of the Union of artists working another Exhibition of works by winners of the Gold medal of a name of Alexander Ivanov " for outstanding contribution to fine arts, national artist of Russia Sergey Andriyaka, Dmitry beljukina.
Today also shows the performance of Irkutsk theater of national drama, and several concerts: the concert program Kobzar by Vasyl Zhdankin (Ukraine), the concert of Simferopol State vocal and dance ensemble of song and dance " Tavria " (, Simferopol), a concert of male choir of Moscow piously-Danilov monastery, the concert of Russian State academic concert orchestra " Boyan ".
Tomorrow, on the third day of the forum, will continue movies movies-winners of the XXIII international cinema forum " Golden knight " (G. Tomsk). In Stavropol will Be a creative meeting with the artist of theater and cinema Timofey Fedorov, a Russian actor, singer, TV presenter Alexander Rapoport, Soviet and Russian theatre and film actor Victor Bychkov, actor Alexander Nosik.
in Nevinnomyssk fans will be able to meet with Yugoslav and Serbian theatre and cinema actress, screenwriter and Director of Ivanou gigon (Serbia), Russian actress Marina Yakovleva, actor Euclid by Kyrgizia, legend cinematograph Zinaida Kirienko, Serbian composer Nino Adamovich.
in the village kochubeevskom with everyone you meet and communicate with Russian actors Yury Nazarov and Lyudmila Maltseva, and honoured actor of Ukraine Alexey Kolesnik. In Stavropol also Nikolay Burlev will meet with students of the North Caucasian Federalnogo University.
in the framework of the festival in drama theatre named after Lermontov will be held a presentation of the musical mono performance the people's artist of Russia Dmitry Pevtsov accompanied by street rock band " Cartouche ", and also the presentation of the performance of the Irkutsk theatre, folk drama. On some platforms, concerts Serbian and Belarusian teams.

In the evening at the Philharmonic Stavropol will pass the evening devoted to the 200 anniversary from the birthday of M. Y. Lermontova. Will take place first presentation in the Stavropol territory music of Boris Petrov for the film " Lermontov " with participation of people's artist of Russia Nikolai burliaev and Symphony orchestra of the Stavropol regional Philharmonic society. Then will take place the presentation of the film " Lermontov ".
For residents of the Stavropol territory the visit events of Slavonic art forum " Golden knight " for free.

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In the Stavropol territory in the framework of the Slavic forum held creative meetings and screenings
 -  Знаменитости In the Stavropol territory in the framework of the Slavic forum held creative meetings and screenings
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