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The award "Muz-TV 2014: Evolution" is successful.

June 6, in SK "Olympic" took place the main musical event of the year "Award MUZ-TV 2014. Evolution". The best performer and singer of the year were considered to Dima Bilan and Nyusha, special awards were given to Igor Nikolayev and Evgeny Plushenko.

The world-class show - "Premia MUZ-TV 2014. Evolution began with carpet, which under many camera flashes and the screaming fans walked the brightest representatives of show business. This year the organizers of the ceremony consciously connected sarcasm Ksenia Sobchak, kind irony Lera Kudryavtseva, humor Maxim Galkin and perfect ability Andrey Malakhov a couple of suggestions to make the event bright show. A stellar cast of leading spent together not only carpet, but the ceremony. Award of MUZ-TV MoE is the trend, technological and interactive. Traditionally on the carpet has created a whole interactive Instagram area, which was operated known Internet blogger ISAs Dolmatova and presenter of channel "MUSES-TV" Artem Shalimov. Everything on carpet was broadcast on-line in all the social networks of the channel "MUZ-TV".

Ceremony music awards began with the speech of the leader of the world's hit parades, special guest of the Award - Swedish musician OLA (Ula), appeared before the audience on rising platform. Continued shows the performance Grisha Urgant with the song "Pyrotechnics". It was wearing a special suit-screen", which during the whole room was broadcast extraordinary light installation. The performance of NYSE was accompanied by incredible dancers ' costumes were made of many small light bulbs. Nargiz Zakirova, as always, shocked the audience by its appearance and has impressed the audience with powerful vocals and talent. It is also worth mentioning producer Iosif Prigozhin, remembered not only by the fact that he went to get a plate for his wife Valeria, which at the time was preparing for a performance, but a dispute with Maxim Galkin. Joseph spent the whole ceremony on the treadmill and evolved.

A stunning room Sergey Lazarev with the song "At the heart" was accompanied by special effects in the best traditions of Hollywood blockbusters - in the end of the speech in the chest Sergey got "shot", which on the white shirt of the singer appeared "blood". The bold way Ani Lorak in the role of the police and a lot of bright changing scenery was remembered by all. Special guest of the Award, the young winner of the show "Voice. Children" Alice of Kaikina "lit" Olympic hit the band Daft Punk "Get Lucky" and wowed the audience with her powerful voice. Group A Studio and as always stylish soloist Katie Topuria performed the song "father, Mother, once again, showing a remarkable performance, which was accompanied by light effects.

First and long-awaited performance of the band Serebro in the new structure was accompanied by a group easily dressed dancers, and, according to leading the ceremony Ksenia Sobchak, so many half-naked men at the same time it has long been seen.

On the "award of MUZ-TV" has congratulated Alla Borisovna Pugacheva with the anniversary. Especially for the prima Donna of the national stage, which, by the way, last year received a plate "award of MUZ-TV" in the nomination "the Best concert show", appeared on the stage grandson Nikita Presnyakov with his band Aqua Stone. The musical repertoire of the legendary song Alla "Woman who sings" in the style of hard rock.

Speech Valery Meladze and Valerie was decorated with real fire. During performance of the song "don't lose me" on the front of the full house and the audience began to ignite the stage sets non - chairs, cabinets, boxes, and the artists were almost in the midst of the fire. Max Korzh performed the song "Tralki".

To congratulate you with the coming anniversary of Igor Krutoy came on the scene a group of star performers who sang famous and favorite hits of the composer, and ended the room song "Guardian angel"performed by Dima Bilan, Ani Lorak, Sergey Lazarev, Katie Topuria, Nyusha and Sati Kazanova

A special guest of the Prize, world star and host of his own reality show on the channel "MUZ-TV" Craig David (Craig David) has performed his hit "Insomnia". The culmination of the ceremony was a fantastic room Dima Bilan, the like of which Russia did no one! In the opinion of many of those who watched the speech Bilan live, it was the best room in the entire history of the "award of MUZ-TV".

"Premia MUZ-TV" is a world-class show. Crazy energy artists seem to break even through the TV screens.

Best artist: Dima Bilan

Best actress: Nyusha

Best song: Serebro - "Few of you"

Best album: Max Korzh - "Live in a Rush"

Best hip-hop project: Jihan

The best rock band: the Animals

Best pop-group: Serebro

The best duet: A Studio feat. Igor Krutoy - "Dad, Mom"

Best video: Valery Meladze feat. Valeriya - "don't lose me"

Breakthrough of the year: Pizza

The best concert show: Sergey Lazarev - "Lazarev" / SK "Olympic"

Special awards were given to:

"For contribution to life: Evgeni Plushenko

Famous Russian figure skater. 2-time Olympic champion, 2 times silver medalist of the Olympic games, 3 time world champion, 7 multiple of Europe, 10-fold Russia. Most winning figure skater of the planet in the history of figure skating.

"For contribution to the development of the music industry": Igor Nikolaev

Igor Nikolaev - Soviet and Russian composer, singer and a song writer. In the archive Igor Nikolaev cooperation with many stars of Russian and international show business. Honored art worker of the Russian Federation

Source: The award "Muz-TV 2014: Evolution" is successful.

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The award `Muz-TV 2014: Evolution` is successful. -  Знаменитости The award `Muz-TV 2014: Evolution` is successful. шоу бизнес последние эротические фотографии  эротика лучшие
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