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Ruble increased to us dollar falls against Euro on the news from Ukraine and from the fed

Dmitry Mayorov. The rouble on Thursday has risen against the dollar and fell against Euro amid weakening of the American currency on the Forex and news from Ukraine.

The dollar exchange rate calculations " tomorrow " to 18. 39 GMT were down 8 cents - up to 34, 34 of the rouble, the Euro Rate grew by 10 cents to 46, 81 ruble, follows from the data of the capital market. The cost of the currency basket (0, 55 dollars and 0.45 euros) did not change in comparison with level of the last closed and was 39, 95 rubles.

The dollar exchange rate calculations " today " on Thursday fell by 25 cents - up to 34, 32 of the rouble, the Euro Rate by 17 kopecks, to 46, 70 rubles.

The Euro on the Forex to 18. 32 GMT was equal to 1, 3633 dollar against 1, 3586 dollar at the previous closing.

The basic tone of the dynamics of the rouble on Thursday asked the news from the fed, which has preserved it current monetary policy unchanged, continuing to reduce injection of liquidity into the market by 10 billion dollars (this time - up to $ 35 billion per month).

Forecast raise U.S. GDP by 2014 was lowered to 2, 1-2, 3%, in 2015 - left at around 3%. News from the fed put pressure on the us currency, somewhat pushing expectations on the growth rate.

The second factor on the domestic currency market on Thursday became the news from Ukraine. Hopes for a ceasefire in the East of Ukraine, says the country's leader Petro Poroshenko, with the dawn was pushing the Rouble up.

However in the evening on the market it for some sobering amid reports about the recent fighting near Slavyansk. In addition, push down the Ruble received from official statements Poroshenko about what he 27th June will sign the economic part of the agreement On Union with the EU. This increases geopolitical risks for ruble, say officials.

The bi-currency basket after negative reaction to the reduction of the regular intervention of the Bank of Russia is back below $ 40 rubles and stabilized in the middle of the floating band of the Central Bank, said Yevgeny Koshelev of ROSBANK.

" The determining factor for the rouble remains the external background. However, even appeared on the market in the last hours of news About the return of Russian troops to the border line with Ukraine at the moment was not able to outweigh the factor of rise in price of oil, " he said. About accumulation of Russian soldiers along the border with Ukraine stated NATO and the state border service of Ukraine. The Russian side until not commented on these statements.

Koshelev said that the aggravation of the conflict between government forces and terrorist groups in Iraq continue to push up oil prices, most after the USA's refusal from air strikes and the increased risk of spreading conflict in neighboring regions.

" The main influence on the Ruble will continue to provide the geopolitical environment. As long as the tension remains, but in the absence of a dramatic change can wait for the closing of the trading week at current levels, namely 34, 4 rubles per dollar and 46, 80 rubles per Euro, " said analyst organization Lionstone Investment Services Ltd Alexander Grishanov.

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Ruble increased to us dollar falls against Euro on the news from Ukraine and from the fed
 -  Знаменитости Ruble increased to us dollar falls against Euro on the news from Ukraine and from the fed
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