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The court found the journalist Olga Romanova guilty of humiliation of human dignity veteran

on June 24, Tagansky district Court of Moscow considered the suit On protection of honor and dignity of the veteran of the great Patriotic war of Paul Kupryashkina to journalist Olga Romanova. The court found that the publication Romanova Twitter from 22 June 2013 diminishes human dignity and ruled to take the author of the publication in favor of the plaintiff 10 thousand Rubles.
Resonant litigation, organized with the assistance of the all-Russian public movement " for preserving the people began in the autumn of last year in Saransk (Republic of Mordovia). After 2 reviews in place, the Case was transferred to another jurisdiction in Tagansky district Court of the capital of Russia, at the place of residence of the Respondent.
Despite numerous screenshots publication, Olga Romanova many times denied the existence of their own microblog entries " Chelobitievo is a great place, and a fitting name. Shoigu laid 1st stone cemetery Pets...", which appeared in Day of memory and grief on June 22, in connection with the opening in Moscow region memorial cemetery of military glory. However, representatives of the plaintiff was able to collect and provide to the court irrefutable proof of the existence of offensive tweet. As stated in the press-service LTD. " preservation of the people ", the contents of this publication for the court analyzed the linguistic examination, according to which " the Creator of the publication (Romanova O. E.) on Twitter used teemantidega metaphor in relation to persons whose remains are buried at the Federal military memorial cemetery, arguing so the identity of this category of persons with Pets. This publication cynical, violates the socio-cultural taboos and norms of public morality regarding such topics As the Great Patriotic war - a national tragedy, which claimed the lives of million of people, and equally in regard to such themes As death and burial (the bodies of people who lost their lives in defending the Fatherland) ".
Tagansky the Court of Moscow agreed with the arguments of the plaintiff and the expert linguists, recognized journalist Olga Romanova guilty on the case on insulting the veterans of the great Patriotic war and made the conclusion About collecting from a correspondent of a fine of 10 thousand Rubles. According to opinions of counsel the Metropolitan community of lawyers Benecke and partners " Svetlana Gorbatkov representing the wishes of the Complainant, " the court's decision creates a unique precedent. We were not only the first time to protect the honor and dignity of veterans, insulted cynical statements to the media, but also to prove that Russia has the necessary legal Foundation for such protection. We managed to create an optimal protection of the interests of veterans in case, if a media outlet or a journalist tries to insult them like that."
" The case Kupryashkina " became the first process in the framework of the public shares of LTD. " saving people." The organization does not want to stop there." besides Kupryashkina our support has contacted several veterans from different regions of the country - we have plans to bring it to the logical end, and help to meet the needs of all our plaintiffs offended by this cynical trick, " said the head of Board of Directors Andrey Krasilnikov.

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The court found the journalist Olga Romanova guilty of humiliation of human dignity veteran
 -  Знаменитости The court found the journalist Olga Romanova guilty of humiliation of human dignity veteran
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