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The former head of the Bank of Moscow was abducted on 1 billion roubles

Former President of the Bank of Moscow Andrey Borodin became accused on business about theft of more than 1 billion roubles from credit institutions. Also on charges of misappropriation and embezzlement are former Vice-President of the Bank Dmitry Akulinin and former Vice-President Alexey Sitnikov.

"The investigation Department of interior Ministry in the course of a criminal investigation into the theft of capital in the amount of over 1 billion rubles from OAO "Bank of Moscow" installed persons involved in the offence. Issued orders to attract as suspects former managers of credit institutions - its President Andrei Borodin, first Vice-President Dmitry Akulinin and Vice-President Alexei Sytnikova of misappropriation and embezzlement committed by an organized group, in especially solid volume, with the complicity of the head of one of departments of the Bank Dmitry Stroganov," said in the press center of the interior Ministry.

They reported that, according to reliable information the investigation, Andrey Borodin, as President of OJSC "Bank of Moscow", " in 2008 has created an organized group from a number of managers and employees of the Bank". "They are from 2008 to 2010 was engaged in embezzlement of entrusted funds method of concluding fictitious contracts on purchase and realization of foreign currency, illegally receiving rouble difference between the rates", - quotes ITAR-TASS of the adept of the investigation.

The interior Ministry reported, as was organized illegal scheme: "With controlled by the Bank organizations, which often heads and founders were the workers of the credit organization, was an agreement to purchase a large batch of exchange, more than one million euros or dollars. At the same time it was made a contract from another number on its implementation at a higher rate. Based on the exchange rate at the date of the order of trades continuously changed: purchase-sale, or a sale-purchase".

With all of this practical movement of capital, according to the signed contracts occurred. But despite all the above, the difference between the rates were transferred from the accounts of OJSC "Bank of Moscow" firms, affiliated and controlled by the accomplices. "It is established that either 1 of 2 10 s involved in the scheme companies did not have to own the balance of funds required for the execution of contracts, and often appropriate cash accounts," said the interior Ministry.

As a result of the investigation in the criminal case of examinations, the sum of damage from a bogus conversion operations amounted to more than billion rubles.. "Today the defendants reside in the countryside of England", - told in the Ministry of internal Affairs.

The consequence of submitted complaints to senior trader Directorate money transactions of the same Bank Konstantin Salnikova and the head of Department of support of banking operations at the Averin aiding and abetting.

This is not the 1st criminal case brought against Borodin and Akulinin. They investigated the cases of legalization of the capital, acquired a lawless method, also on fraud. Investigators estimate them a few moments of theft committed by means of fraudulent schemes, such as the theft of 12,5 million roubles of credit institutions.

According to the investigation, Borodin and Akulinin, with the complicity of the President of the company "Kuznetsky most development, and General Director of the company "Premier estate stole the funds of the Bank, which was on the accounts of the company Inteko, then headed by Elena Baturina. Her husband, former mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov and Baturina gave statements to investigators on the case. Currently, Borodin and Akulinin are wanted.

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The former head of the Bank of Moscow was abducted on 1 billion roubles -  Знаменитости The former head of the Bank of Moscow was abducted on 1 billion roubles шоу бизнес последние эротические фотографии  эротика лучшие
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