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Sivkov: Kolomoisky will be released from the jurisdiction Poroshenko

The Ukrainian oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky, most likely, will be released from the jurisdiction of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and will act on their own in the East of the state, ensuring the capture of the region under observation For the preservation of its assets, according to specialists, who took part in the round table " the Situation in Ukraine: the war against its own people?" MIA " Russia today ".

experts also told about the problems of Ukrainian mercenaries in army, energy catastrophe in Ukraine and the economic problems of the state.

According to the President of the Academy of geopolitical issues Konstantin Sivkov, the Ukrainian army in the East of the state is very heavy losses, and the talk about the fact that losses are only the defence forces Is false." But Kolomoisky will fight until the end, for this reason, most likely, He will be released from the jurisdiction of Poroshenko and will act on their own, ensuring the capture of These cities, " said the expert.

Sivkov told that the reason for this is that the main part of assets Kolomoisky is precisely in These regions, " and He seeks to establish supervision over them, and also to profit at the expense of other assets, of which there are a lot ".

The Governor of Dnepropetrovsk region Kolomoisky is one of obespechennaya citizens of Ukraine, its status printed illustrated edition of Forbes estimates at 1, 8 billion. Regarding the head of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov and Kolomoisky in the Russian Federation initiated the works on the organization of murders and use of prohibited means and methods of warfare. They are declared in the international search. Basmanny court of Moscow on Wednesday has authorized correspondence detention Kolomoisky. Soon, As expected, the result will ask the court in absentia to deprive of freedom and Avakov.

As reported Last news a source in the state security Council of Ukraine, It is Kolomoisky was the main opponent of the ceasefire and any contact with the militia, the South-East of Ukraine.

As explained Sivkov, Ukraine weapons " enough, and to spare, But Kiev lack of personnel. For this reason, in the opinion of the expert, Kyiv asks you to put them weapons, so As to deliveries of weapons, you can whitewash arrival to Ukraine under the guise of advisors of military contingents of NATO For the war against the South-East of Ukraine.

" This is the only reason that Poroshenko is seeking supplies of arms, " He added.

at the same time, another factor aggravating the situation in the East of the state, is the problem of mercenaries, according to head of the Caucasus Department of the CIS countries Institute Vladimir Evseev.

" The number of gang Kolomoisky more than 40 thousand people, compared with the armed forces of Ukraine. Imagine how many terrorists are paid Kolomoisky. He overly involved in these things, But there are other participants, illegal involved in this conflict. For example, It hired soldiers, " said the expert.

He specified that, on inaccurate data, the pilots of the Ukrainian aircraft are not citizens of Ukraine." There are suspicions, for example, on the people of Slovakia, Poland, involved in this conflict, receiving money for each flight. In this case, Except gangs Kolomoiskiy, a very big problem is mercenarism ", - says Vladimir Evseev.

One of the main issues with which Ukraine will have to face in the near future, It is a loss of energy security, says Vladimir Evseev. This, according to him, Is the cause of the struggle for Donetsk and Lugansk.

" The biggest challenge that awaits Ukraine, and very soon, It is a loss of energy security. It is due to the fact that 45% of the energy balance heat is energy, and almost all of It is concentrated on the area of DND and LNR, where are the five most powerful thermal power plants ", - said the expert.

according to him, if the Donetsk and Lugansk depart from Ukraine, " Vsplyvaet the question about the possibility of energy supply of Ukraine As the country as a whole ".

Deputy Director of the Center for Ukrainian studies and Belorussii Moscow state University. M. C. Lomonosov Bogdan Bezpalko also revealed a number of serious issues in Ukraine's economy.

according to him, " social payments fell by 63%, bread has risen in practice half, increased devaluation of the national currency by 53% ". Besides, by results of examination of Ukrainian specialists, all Ukrainian banks need the increase of capital from the country.

" In order just to keep afloat the Ukrainian state at the present deplorable require a one-time payment from 8 to 30 billion dollars. Such amounts nobody offers ", - emphasizes Bespalko.

The most resounding success, which was presented at an international level, the Kiev authorities, According to the expert, there was an economic Association with the EU and the allocation from the IMF of $ 17 billion, of which came only as long as the 1st tranche in the amount of 3, 16 billion.

" These sums are not enough even To just support the Ukrainian economy afloat. For this it requires the market of the Russian Federation, which is currently on the fact 30% reduced the consumption of Ukrainian agricultural products ", - summed up Bespalko.

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Sivkov: Kolomoisky will be released from the jurisdiction Poroshenko
 -  Знаменитости Sivkov: Kolomoisky will be released from the jurisdiction Poroshenko
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