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The ruble stood undecided, pending the outcome of the EU summit

Dmitry Mayorov. The rouble on Tuesday evening stabilized around levels last closing, choosing the direction of the trend after three days of decline, in practice nifelinovogo growth last week (more than 60 kopecks against the bi-currency basket).

The dollar exchange rate calculations " tomorrow " to 19. 22 GMT were up by 6 cents to 34, 39 of the rouble, the Euro Rate decreased by 6 cents to 46, 66 ruble, follows from the data of the capital market. The cost of the currency basket (0, 55 dollars and 0.45 euros) did not change in comparison with the level of last closed - 39, 91 of the ruble.

The dollar exchange rate calculations " today " on Tuesday fell by 3 kopecks to 34, 31 of the rouble, the Euro Rate increased by 1 kopeck up to 46, 75 roubles.

The Euro on the Forex to 19. 22 GMT was equal to 1, 3572 dollar against 1, 3619 dollar at the previous closing.

The rouble on Tuesday in practice was locked in place after an active movements last week when he first became stronger presumably 70 kopecks against the bi-currency basket, and then became just as much to fall.

The uncertainty of the situation supported started on Tuesday a two-day EU summit, which have the ability to be declared fresh penalties against Russia." and at the same time, aggravated the confrontation in the South-East of Ukraine is supplemented with new accusations against the Russian Ruble finally adjusted to the conference of the European Union in the form of a trigger sentiment, " - says Evgeny Koshelev of ROSBANK.

In addition, the currency markets are waiting for signals from the head of the fed's Janet Yellen on Tuesday she was speaking in the Senate, and on Wednesday will make semi-annual report to Congress.

" Yellen could affect the upcoming normalization of interest rate policy, which comes to the fore as the U.S. economy accumulates signs of recovery, and quantitative easing goes down in history, " says Koshelev.

" It is clear that normalization of interest rate policy is a long process, and the first increase key rates can be realized not before the mid-2015. However, as it provided a transcript of the June FOMC meeting, even a low rate of returns of us Treasury bonds still have a little flexibility for the revaluation of the probabilities of events, " he added.

Finally, factor of instability for the dynamics of the ruble exchange rate is the Price for oil products, which on Tuesday fell to an estimated $ 2 (about 2%) to lows in early April.

Koshelev expects the bi-currency basket will overcome a mark in 40 rubles and is trading near the level of 40, 30 ruble until the end of the EU summit.

" In addition to not passing harsh rhetoric from a number of countries-participants of EU oil quotations in the last days show a negative signals, " he said.

Falling prices for oil products could adversely affect the Russian currency this week, I agree analyst organization Lionstone Investment Services Ltd Alexander Grishanov.

" taking into account the factor of the end of strengthening the national currency of the Russian Federation, from a technical point of view we expect further increase of dollar rate to the level of 34, 60 roubles, and then to 35 rubles, and at the same time for the Euro target levels can be described 47 roubles, and hereinafter - 47, 30 ruble, " he says.

on his part, Sergey Kochergin from the organization Exness expects the consolidation of the pair dollar/Rouble in the range of 34, 20-34, 50 roubles.

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The ruble stood undecided, pending the outcome of the EU summit
 -  Знаменитости The ruble stood undecided, pending the outcome of the EU summit
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