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Media: two of the crash has put Malaysia Airlines to the brink of survival

The crash of aircraft in the airspace of Ukraine, downed over the Eastern regions of the country, was After the disappearance in March over the Indian ocean the same plane, the fate of which until now Not known. Both Boeing belonged to the organization of Malaysia Airlines. This series of disasters can literally put It on the brink of death, " the German print edition.

during almost five months in an emergency With samoletami Malaysian national airline lost his life 537 people, and among them 27 of Its employees.

" This raises one of the largest in South East Asian airlines in difficult rules, which are exacerbated by competition from low-cost carriers (such as the Malaysian Air Asia), rising fuel prices And hyped by the state employees. In the last ten years, according to the available data, the turnover of Malaysia Airlines was about 1, 2 billion euros. After the mysterious disappearance in March of flight MH370, Its financial problems worsened - ticket sales fell, most passengers would Not fly. Last quarter, the Company suffered losses of more than 100 million euros. Its reputation has strongly been damaged, " said the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

Family members of the passengers of the ill-fated MH-370 expressed profound dissatisfaction with the data policy of the airline, which resulted in the spread of countless conspiracy theories.

Now discusses different ways of coming to Malaysia Airlines. Possible government intervention in Its fate And, possibly, the recognition of economic insolvency. One option is the privatization of the assets. But this step requires you to have the consent of the trade Union representing the desires of 20 thousand employees.

Managing Director of the airline Ahmad Jauhar Yahya (Ahmad Jauhari Yahya) was announced at the shareholders ' meeting in June that need to explore all possible options, " including the radical ". He also said " a significant recovery of the business. But then came the catastrophe in the sky above Ukraine. Shares Malaysia Airlines on the last working day of the week already before closing dropped by 11%, emphasizes the German print edition.

Now the financial problems of the organization will be exacerbated, as well as among them because of the high compensation payments And the possible multi-million dollar lawsuits. Malaysia Airlines has announced that it will pay the family of everyone who died in Ukraine the passenger is $5000, writes Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

The reasons of accident Malaysian ship until Not clear. From April in the area of the crash of the Ukrainian law enforcers are conducting so-called anti-terrorist operation (ATO) against dissatisfied with the February coup d'etat residents of Donbass. The operation is applied aircraft, heavy artillery And multiple rocket launchers.

for, military equipment used by the Ukrainian army, inherited from the Soviet Union, And Its use in the process of military operations is quite increases the probability of the cast to repeat the tragedy With the Russian passenger aircraft hit Ukraine in the sky above the Black sea in 2001.

Then in the process of the exercises of Ukrainian units of air defense missile system s-200 shot down a Russian Tu-154, following the route tel Aviv-Novosibirsk. As a result lost his life 78 people - 66 passengers, most of them Israeli citizens, And 12 crew members.
Cases of accident of aircraft on the square of Ukraine in June-July 2014.

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Media: two of the crash has put Malaysia Airlines to the brink of survival
 -  Знаменитости Media: two of the crash has put Malaysia Airlines to the brink of survival
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