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Shukshin cancelled the wedding due to robbery

The youngest daughter of the famous Russian actress Lidia Fedoseeva-Shukshina Olga in his interview said that he intended to marry, but robbery housing her father Vasily Shukshin and what happened next, followed by the noise, caused her to reconsider the project.

The rumors are that in the theft of valuables blame directly Olga, only a woman forced to cancel the holiday and not to invite her mother.

The incident between Lidia Fedoseeva-Shukshina and her younger daughter Olga lasts a very long time and is connected with the fact that they cannot divide a four-room flat of their husband and father Vasily Shukshin. The last few years there lived actress and her daughter had found shelter in Shuya. Not so long ago the house was robbed. Made everything of value. There were rumors that the thief was one who is well aware of the fact, which contained valuable things. Therefore, suspicion fell on the Olga and her son Vasily.

"I first thought it was the machinations of the mother and her entourage, who want to deprive me of the property. Six months ago I even advertise video where relatives threaten my son Vasily, that will throw him drugs, if he does not step out of the living space on the street Bochkova. After his father's death we have privatized its double room with Lidia Nikolaevna. In consequence, by law, I can abide there. But because I live in Shuya, where his mother bought me a house near the temple, I Bochkova and things do not. When Bob had nowhere to stay in Moscow, he was visiting my grandmother. Lidia Nikolaevna did not like that Vasily brought friends. Because he has long been on Bochkova did not appear. As they say it is already a year that serves in the army. I last was there 3 years ago", - commented on the rumor Olga.

According to the statement youngest daughter Lidia Fedoseeva-Shukshina, lost jewelry, furs and cash from the sale of housing in Finland - only 25 thousand euros. Consequently robbery Olga even decided to cancel the wedding. "I am shocked by the incident. Wanted to go on the world: to invite my mother to my wedding with Oleg. In early July, we were going to arrange a holiday in Srostki - the House-Museum of Vasiliy Shukshin. Wanted my mother gave me recommendations as "the young wife": as the economy lead but for her husband to watch. At the moment I don't know how after complaints in my address to call his mother at the wedding. Postponed the feast" - quoted Olga "Express newspaper".

Remember about the robbery Lidia Fedoseeva-Shukshina told her friend Stanislav Sadalsky. According to him, thieves have taken everything, while the actress was in Bulgaria. Herself aggrieved actress refused explanations, but confessed that he had actually been the victim of robbers. Sadalsky reported that Fedoseeva-Shukshina not so long ago built housing in Finland, and all proceeds from the transaction were held in the capital of living space. The robbers took away not only savings, but also jewelry. Apparently, housing wielded the man who perfectly knew the location of the caches and valuables.

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