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Batalova: Humanitarian corridor in the open right now

We can do right now to open humanitarian corridor in Ukraine, told the newspaper the SIGHT member of the Presidium of the WATERS " Mother Russia ", the people's choice of the state Duma, Vice-President of the Paralympic Department of Russia Rome Batalov.
" about what is necessary to open a humanitarian corridor, currently only the fool is not clear. Moreover, it should be done not tonight, not tomorrow, but right now. From everything happening in Ukraine I have a sore heart. Because so many children are doing with disabilities, they will be more. We receive many letters with the request to help, and how to do it, and even do not know. But children need to lose weight!" - Batalov said. Until then, member of the Council for social support of Citizens OP Russia Elena Topoleva informed About the need to urgently build a humanitarian corridor for transportation to a safe place children of Donbass. In her expressions, 1st of all, you should subside those who cannot Move without help. On Tuesday, it was announced that under fire security forces near Shakhtersk were machines with about 35 refugees from Donetsk and Gorlovka. In the result of damage to health has received eleven people, one woman leg was torn off, her small child killed. In addition, it was announced Donetsk regional children's oncohematological centre left without donor blood. The management of the medical institution appealed for help to the people. Yesterday the head of the Fund " Fair use ", member of the Commission on human rights Elizabeth Glinka, known as the doctor Lisa, received the list of children from Donetsk who need treatment and expressed hope that the sides in the conflict will let them go for treatment. Last week, the Commissioner for human rights in the Russian Federation Ella Pamfilova Together with the presidential Council on human rights and the Director of the Fund " Fair use " Elizabeth Glinka urged the EU, the OSCE, the Leadership of Ukraine, the authorities DND and LNR, as well as international human rights organizations to help ensure humanitarian corridor for the export of hundreds of sick children from the zone of military actions on Ukraine in medical institutions of Russia. However, later Glinka said that the Ukrainian Leadership after days of not reacted to the appeal of Russian human rights activists. In the media often there are messages about the threat to the lives of children in the Eastern regions of Ukraine. Many times there were problems with the evacuation of children from the zone of " special operation ". Besides, obstacles created the Ukrainian army. For example, on may 30, the national guard of Ukraine for a long time were not allowed to evacuate from Slavyansk children, sending the transport them back to the city. on June 13, the employees of the institution in Kramatorsk told that do not have the opportunity to evacuate orphans, and asked to stop military operations in the area of the building. on 21 June the Commissioner under President of Russia on the rights of the child Pavel Astakhov said that on the border of Ukraine and Russia was hit by a bus with children, and also said that he is aware Of five incidents of killings of children in the South-East of Ukraine.


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Batalova: Humanitarian corridor in the open right now
 -  Знаменитости Batalova: Humanitarian corridor in the open right now
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