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Karavaev: Kazakhstan observes neutrality in the matter of the fall in Ukraine

Kazakhstan concerning the fall in Ukraine is not ready to fully Express support for Russia's position, and considers it a priority not to violate the neutrality, said on Wednesday Last news Deputy General Director of the Information-analytical center of Moscow state University Alexander Karavaev.

The Russian foreign Minister S. Lavrov Century visits 6-7 August working visit of the Kazakhstan Ust-Kamenogorsk, where will meet with Minister of foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan Erlan Idrissov. During the visit, as is notified to the Internet representative office of the foreign Ministry, will be discussed the prospects for Russian-Kazakh cooperation, the promotion of the Eurasian integration processes and actual problems of the international agenda.

" Fundamental differences between Russia and Kazakhstan. If They are, Then discussed in a personal communication between Nazarbayev and Putin ", - considers Karavaev." As for political maneuvering of Kazakhstan in the aspect of new crises that occurred in the agenda of Russian foreign policy, Then there is a certain red line that Astana is not going to go. For example, issues related with Russia's support on the issues of Ukrainian settlement in international organizations, such as the UN or the OSCE. Astana holds in a more neutral manner, " the expert said. According to him, Astana, being an economic ally of Russia and its partner in the process of integration, is not as close partner of the Russian capital In the international context." This position of Kazakhstan adheres to a long time ago, the Russian leadership understand these features, take for granted and work with it, not trying to twist arms, " said Karavaev.

in this logic, in the opinion of the expert, - refusal of Kazakhstan adopt a common resolution of the Customs Union, abolishing preferences for items from Ukraine after signing Kiev Treaty on the Union with the EU. According to the expert, this position continues a line, which has started since the Russian-Georgian downs." most remember That when Russia has introduced various measures in the form of an embargo on the Georgian items, Kazakhstan and Belarus such actions do not enter ".

" Neither Minsk Nor Astana don't want to get involved in complex foreign political conflict. It is necessary to objectively understand That weight, influence and ability to defend its foreign policy line and Minsk and Astana insignificant ", - the political scientist believes." While the coordination with Moscow, of course, is happening, but Minsk and Astana until not ready to switch to a more radical foreign policy rails, " said Karavaev. Fears of Kazakhstan and Belarus are connected with how it will function, for Example, the free trade zone within the CIS Under the new regime for Ukraine because it directly concerns the markets of Kazakhstan and Belarus." They calculate response options that may apply Kiev, and as long as you hold a long pause, not by joining the Russian restrictive measures, " the political analyst said.

During Lavrov's visit to Kazakhstan will be discussed and the preparation for the autumn XI Forum of interregional cooperation of Russia and Kazakhstan on the topic " Innovation in the hydrocarbon sector."

" The problem is connected with the fact That we do not have bases for capacity That is, the production of hydrocarbons. Actually we have the resources in the subsoil, but we increasingly tied to the technology and production lines, which are outside the Eurasian economic space, in the Western States, China and other. Actually for production we have not only to attract foreign investments, but to purchase technology and equipment, " said Karavaev. On responses of experts, because of the recent developments in relations between Russia and the West, it has become one of the most pressing issues." The topic that will be addressed at this forum, the main source of funds coming to our countries. There is something to talk about specialists and representatives of state corporations pairs of countries. Current issues Must be addressed in order to establish in Russia and in Kazakhstan fresh production line, " said he.

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Karavaev: Kazakhstan observes neutrality in the matter of the fall in Ukraine
 -  Знаменитости Karavaev: Kazakhstan observes neutrality in the matter of the fall in Ukraine
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