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Kharitonov: We can feed ourselves

In General, penalties best for our producers. But to ban foreign agricultural products little is needed to increase their production, " said the newspaper LOOK the people's choice of the state Duma Nikolai Kharitonov, in explaining the decision of the capital of Russia about " neat sanctions " against the US, EU and other countries.
" on the issue of penalties and increase the production of meat, I Wish to notice, that rapidly increase the number of livestock is impossible. This requires sufficient time. But our producers of vegetables and fruits punishment will be profitable. All of the products, which supplied us with Europe, it has the opportunity to be replaced by our domestic Russian. So that we can feed ourselves ", - said the head of the Department of the state Duma for regional policy and problems of the North and Far East, the former leader of Agrarian party Nikolai Kharitonov (CPRF). At the same time we see, drew the attention of the head of the Department, more friendly countries - Argentina and Brazil - are ready to supply us their agricultural products, and similar fresh partners, Russia will arise, for sure." Dairy products we can Express support at first Belarus. Belarus is a highly developed cattle breeding. For this reason I say that With these restrictions, we were late for twenty years. Support we would twenty years ago your manufacturer on the market, then, of course, would not have lost a lot in the number of cows. I can tell you that in private farms today not always keep cows. It is difficult to procure food, expensive to contain the animal, " said Kharitonov. But in General, according to his vision, punishment best for our producers." prohibition of foreign agricultural products a bit. Need to increase their production. This is just what I have for twenty years now tell from all the stands, " said Kharitonov. Recall that on Wednesday the President of the Russian Federation centuries Putin signed an order on the use of separate special economic measures in order to ensure Russia's security. According to the decree, during the year it is prohibited to import into the space of Russia of agricultural products, raw materials and food from countries that have adopted the conclusion on sanctions against Russia. The government on behalf centuries Putin approved a list of foreign objects that can no longer be imported from EU countries, USA, Australia, Canada and Norway. In addition, Smoking transit flights of the Ukrainian airline. Possible limits and for organizations of other countries. Such is the Russian response to Western punishment. Since August 7, fall under the ban beef, pork, fish, vegetables and fruit, cheese and dairy products from the EU countries, the USA, Australia and Canada. Limits are imposed for a period of years. But the Prime Minister D. Medvedev A. noticed that the Russian Federation is ready to reconsider the terms, if the Western partners will demonstrate a constructive approach to cooperation." of course, This is a serious decision for suppliers of such products from these countries. However, I Wish to emphasize that all these measures will not affect baby food and, of course, does not apply to products that people are buying abroad in these countries in the framework of our customs law ", - said the head of government. The Prime Minister said, Russia for a long time did not reply to the punishment imposed against it. Until the last hope was that people in the West understand, because It is not beneficial to anyone.

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Kharitonov: We can feed ourselves
 -  Знаменитости Kharitonov: We can feed ourselves
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