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Danilov: the idea of Poland and the Baltic States on missile defence request strengthen NATO in the area of

The Baltic States and Poland, offering to apply the European missile defense system of NATO against Russia, demonstrate the Alliance partners, the need to strengthen the NATO military presence in these countries, according to head of the Department for European security, Institute of Europe, Russian Academy of Sciences Dmitry Danilov.

first German printed illustrated edition Spiegel said that the Baltic States and Poland offer to apply against Russia the European missile defense system. According to the publication, the Baltic Countries and Poland has asked NATO to fix in the draft outcome document of the September summit in Wales, the possibility of application to be created in the European MISSILE defence, as well as among them, to defend against alleged threats from the Russian Federation. For reviews of commissioners of these States, the situation around Ukraine can make the danger to their security. German magazine indicates that the overwhelming majority of members of the Commonwealth voted against such wordings and ideas because they think it's wrong without having to provoke Moscow.

" It is such a desirable position. Even If she did Not find understanding in the capital of the United States and within NATO, it will give an opportunity to the Baltic States and Poland to receive the maximum for the other directions. For example, the story is about strengthening NATO presence on the Eastern borders, permanent military bases in these countries, " said Danilov. In his vision, " such maximalist requests from the Eastern countries of the unit allow them to count on the understanding of the need to provide here an advanced NATO's presence ".

The specialist stressed that these proposals fit into the logic of NATO policy, which is carried out in the context of Ukrainian fall. Before the results of the Ministerial meeting on 1 April 2014, the Alliance said that it is necessary to reconsider relations with Russia and to strengthen the system of collective and territorial defense.

in this case, NATO should reformat military activity and military planning. In the circle of the key objectives of the Commonwealth is now included deterrence, " said Danilov. Another trend of the NATO policy - strengthening of the Eastern boundaries of block, I.e., extra military power and infrastructure. So, I'm sure the specialist, If to take into account these two areas, the MISSILE defense system, which, he believed Russia, threatening Russia's strategic potential, is now becoming popular in NATO just as.

" No need to look any guarantees ABOUT not directed against Russia. On the contrary, NATO should provide protection of the territories of the participating countries from a potential aggressor, and the policy of Russia is called aggressive. All This fits into this logic, " - said the expert.

At the same time, emphasizes Danilov, allies, and most importantly, the United States, do Not want to increase confrontation with Russia, for this reason, the question, will the Alliance proposal of Poland and the Baltic countries remains open.

" If the US will go to such reconfiguration is ABOUT, It would mean direct military-political confrontation with Russia, return to old times, strengthening systems of mutual deterrence, and it is unlikely At present to someone, and most importantly the US, was seriously interested in such development of the situation ", - said Danilov. In his vision, as If all the negative scenarios, there is a desire to strengthen the functions of deterrence and political restraint, Not for the promotion of the flywheel mutual confrontation ".

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Danilov: the idea of Poland and the Baltic States on missile defence request strengthen NATO in the area of
 -  Знаменитости Danilov: the idea of Poland and the Baltic States on missile defence request strengthen NATO in the area of
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