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The Czech Republic is expanding its participation in NATO events

PRAGUE, 1 Saint - Last news , Alexander Kuranov. In the coming months, the Czech Republic will expand the participation of its soldiers in NATO events in parts of Europe that are the immediate reaction of the Commonwealth on the development of the situation in the South-East of Ukraine, said on the first day of the week Last news official authorized by the Czech Ministry of defense Jan Pasek.

" in connection with the developments in the South-East of Ukraine Czech Republic is expanding its participation in the actions of NATO in Europe, " said Paszek.- participate as Soldiers land offices, and combat pilots of the air force. Of the already launched or upcoming events can be called, for example, travel our soldiers in Poland, Turkey, the Baltic States and Iceland ".

According to Pacheco, unit number 70 soldiers From the regiment air defense, stationed in the town of Strakonice, go fall on a long exercise in the Baltic States. Adopted They will have portable anti-aircraft missile complexes RBS 70 (Robotsystem 70), which are designed to defeat helicopters and enemy planes at altitudes up to 5 km and at a distance of 8 kilometers.

There, in the Baltic States, already flying on a monthly basis on duty two multi-purpose light attack aircraft L-159 Czech air force. According to Pacheco, the Czech Ministry of defense expressed its preparedness in case you need to add four more aircraft L-159 and to increase the number of flights. Aircraft L-159 Czech production are the most important for action against ground targets.

nine weeks to go in the near future in the territory of Iceland, the crews of several supersonic fighter aircraft Jas-39 Gripen Czech air force. They will be replaced on duty in the sky of This state, do not have their own air force combat aircraft of other countries-members of NATO, who will receive thereby, According to Pacheco, the ability to move on duty in the Baltic States.

Among other missions of the Czech soldiers who had already begun, authorized the Ministry of defence of the Czech Republic called the trip unit communications in Turkey, as well as the work of a group of officers in multinational command the NATO center " North-East " in the Polish Szczecin. First Authorized NATO told about the intention to increase its military presence in Szczecin as the ability to quickly plan ground operations and NATO exercises in the region.

since the question of a permanent NATO bases in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe causes discussions Among the leaders of these countries, according to the Western media, at the upcoming Commonwealth summit in Cardiff has the opportunity to be adopted a new formula for the quartering of the NATO in different regions of Europe, which would mean constant and frequent rotation of troops.

Referring to plans for NATO to strengthen the military presence on the Eastern borders of the Commonwealth, the Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka at the end of last week said, " if Poland or the Baltic States want It, we have a similar initiative in the Commonwealth of support ". However, this does not mean, According to Sobotka that the Czech Republic could receive the NATO base." This is not required for our security, and our government is anything like their allies unwilling, " he said.

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The Czech Republic is expanding its participation in NATO events
 -  Знаменитости The Czech Republic is expanding its participation in NATO events
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