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Brylska about men and the main mountain in the life

Popular Polish actress, star of the unforgettable film "Irony of fate or enjoy your bath!" Barbara Brylska stated in an interview about the relationship with their own spouses, as well as about the main tragedy of his own life - death in an accident daughter Basia, Kosmal. The young woman was barely 20 years old.

Barbara Brylska was another stellar guest transfer of Andrei Malakhov "Let them talk". She reported that she was an attractive lady, around which was and remained a large number of fans. "There was a lot to read, could choose. I'm not ashamed to say it. I'm glad I did it, I had the opportunity to have what he wanted, I felt independent of the fairer sex. You can marry to go for any," said the actress.

First spouse Brylska became a mathematician Jan Borovets. "It was not love, it was a disappointment. He didn't go to the premiere of the movie - not just wanted. If felt that we would not be with him long. And in a certain episode I said that I wanted the divorce," said Brylska. By this time she met Jerzy Zelenika. They started rough and beautiful novel. But he did not last long. Then started a new relationship - with Slobodan Dimitrievich. His actress calls own the greatest love. But against the relationship of the pair walked the mother of Slobodan not transmitted to the son of the message, who wrote Brylska, and prepared for him another wife from a rich family.

Later Barbara was married to a gynecologist Ludwig Kosmala, which gave birth to two children: Barbara (Basia) and Ludwig, with a difference of 9 years. "He was not worthy of me. He used all my strength, all my love, not to mention money. Every month, he earned as much as I for 1 day. Besides all this, he drank and drink to this day," said Brylska. Initially, Kosmal was proud of the achievements of the couple, but soon that feeling was replaced with envy. "He gave me psychologically suppressed. If he hit me, I would have just killed him. Once Komal said own friend: "I hate your wife, because all the girls that I changed her, I compare with her, and she always wins," stated the actress. Their marriage lasted 18 years.

Despite the fact that in his personal life, Barbara Brylska was not very happy, the main disaster she believes death in a car accident his daughter Basia. On the day of the death of a young woman, aspiring actress and model, was barely 20 years old. The actress stressed that did not help in the development of the career of her daughter, she just reached itself. may 15, 1993, on that terrible day, the girl with his own young men was driving the car. He was no match is running, in consequence of the catastrophe Basia died and Savely our Zulawski survived. But Brylska not accuse him: "He's six months as got the rights. It was his mistake. He told me as he ran around the car and cried: "Basia, don't die!" She opened and closed her eyes, double-opened-closed and never opened", with tears in her eyes outlined Brylska. At the moment, according to the singer, she has already experienced that moment, it no longer opens the albums to see the photo of her daughter.

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Brylska Barbara
Brylska Barbara

Brylska about men and the main mountain in the life -  Знаменитости Brylska about men and the main mountain in the life шоу бизнес последние эротические фотографии  эротика лучшие
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