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National Interest: Ukraine is best to become a " buffer state "

Russia Has legitimate concerns on the issue of NATO enlargement And the EU to the East, And, in order to disperse them And to reduce the overall level of geopolitical tensions between Russia And the West, it makes sense to turn Ukraine into a non-stop neutral state, free from Russian observations, And from Western influence, says American political scientist Peter Harris in the publication, published by.

in confirmation of the Creator specifies as the source of opinion Harvard Professor Stephen Walt published." instead to flee after the demonstrators, who former President Viktor Yanukovych, the United States And its European allies must work Together with Moscow on an agreement that would preserve the status of Ukraine as an independent, but a neutral buffer of the country, " wrote Walt.

Peter Harris says that in recent weeks this proposal is to make Ukraine a buffer state is expressed more and more insistently.

" Strong arguments, as the idea is aimed at addressing the immediate causes of the disagreements between Russia And the West. However, it is not so easy to implement in practice. The problem, of course, that Ukraine, its leaders, its people are Unlikely to want to live in a buffer state, " writes political scientist.

Life in a state of " buffer " difficult to identify serene pink, he said. The lack of guaranteed security is a typical disease of the buffer countries. In the history of many examples of the neutrality And territorial integrity of these States had violated the " great powers " - this is the fate of Belgium in the First world war, the fate of Poland in the interwar period or the fate of Afghanistan in the nineteenth century. They continuously have to be alert in readiness to defend the intervention.

There are, of course, exceptions, writes Harris. During the cold war Finland, Sweden And Austria were in relative safety, so as not formally included neither in the West nor in the East military units. Switzerland remained neutral throughout many centuries.

Hardly Ukrainians will enjoy the prospect of living in the demilitarized area, says the Creator. Much more attractive is to connect to some powerful Alliance or discover a means to strengthen its defense. The problem is that all Ukrainians see their future state is different, but neutrality is Unlikely to perceive as the path to peace And security. To support residents, anyway, can not count." And what then?" asks Peter Harris.

Other way, as an external influence on this process, no, he thinks. If Russia And NATO, And in truth have the ability to affect different groups of citizens of Ukraine, their efforts They have to spend on tightening confrontation between them, and to convince the people of this country: Ukraine must accept his destiny as a neutral buffer between East And West. At least as a noble sacrifice in the name of European security. At the same time it is clear that this process will not be simple, writes political scientist Peter Harris in the National Interest.

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National Interest: Ukraine is best to become a ` buffer state `
 -  Знаменитости National Interest: Ukraine is best to become a ` buffer state `
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