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Ukraine again hastened to accuse Gazprom in the reverse breakdown

Termination of Poland of reverse gas supplies to Ukraine on Wednesday gave rise to Kiev to accuse the Russian Federation in the pressure on the European partners and the intention at the beginning of cold weather to deprive the country of a single gas supply." Gazprom has denied the charges, saying he didn't cut gas supplies to Poland, and experts commented on the Last news that Russian holding company should Not satisfy the demands of buyers in the part in excess of the contract amounts.

This interpretation of events from Ukraine is Not the first time. So, in July of Hungary, from which Ukraine receives gas on reverse, reduced the volume of deliveries in the country. Kiev then linked it with the actions of " Gazprom ". However, later the head of " Naftogaz of Ukraine Andriy Korolev and spokesman for the European Commission Sabine Berger commented that the decrease in supply is due to the decision of the Hungarian authorities to increase the accumulation of gas in underground storage facilities in the country.

About stop reverse deliveries from Poland to Ukraine said on Wednesday the head of the operator of the Ukrainian gas transportation system organization " Ukrtransgaz " Igor Prokopiv.

" Not everything is So Simple. Today, Russia has begun to limit the supply of gas on the Polish Republic to disrupt the reverse with Poland, which we receive. In 2 hours Poland ceased reverse to Ukraine within 4 million cubic meters ", - said Prokopiv.

Pretty hard wording about " cutting gas supplies stirred up the world's media. The flames were fanned by the press Secretary of the Polish oil and gas organization of PGNiG Dorothy Gaevski." The observed decrease in gas point for building the house (Ukraine), Kondracki (Belarus) and High (Belarus), " said Gajewska. In her expression, in the first day of the week the volume of gas supplies to Poland from the East decreased by 20%, on Tuesday, documented reduction of supply by 24% in comparison with the planned volumes.

as long as Gazprom was silent, the situation looked exactly like the evil machinations of the Russian holding company. However, all turned out to be more prosaic - at the beginning of the cold weather and lack of gas supplies from Russia to Ukraine again tried to wishful thinking.

later the Commissioner of Gazprom said that the Company didn't cut gas supplies to Poland." message news agencies About reducing the volume of gas delivered by Gazprom to the Polish organization PGNiG incorrect. Now in Poland comes precisely the same volume of gas, as in previous days 23 million cubic meters per day, " said the representative of " Gazprom ".

Answering the question About the reasons for the deviation of the actual volume of deliveries from orders of the Polish side, he said: " the supply of gas in all directions are based on available current resources for export and ongoing injection into UGS facilities in the area of the Russian Federation ".

Following statements by Gazprom on the Internet representation PGNiG was reported with a more accurate, but at the same time a significant statement about what the story is About the required volumes of gas. These volumes have the opportunity to exceed contract and Gazprom does Not need to satisfy them. Later on Wednesday acknowledged " Naftogaz of Ukraine ", saying that Gazprom did Not satisfy the request from PGNiG.

" Deliveries of Russian gas to Poland as amended) go to the previous mode. It's just that they (the poles - as amended) ask more in touch with cooling. The application has increased due to cooling and, consequently, increased demand, but Gazprom continues to deliver gas volumes, " explained Last news Deputy Director for gas projects of national energy security Fund Alexey Grivas.

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Ukraine again hastened to accuse Gazprom in the reverse breakdown
 -  Знаменитости Ukraine again hastened to accuse Gazprom in the reverse breakdown
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