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The Ministry of energy does not expect a significant impact of sanctions on oil

The Ministry of energy does not anticipate any significant changes in the oil and gas industry of the Russian Federation due punishment, and among them, do not change plans for oil production, told reporters the Russian energy Minister Alexander Novak.

" Currently with companies and experts are working on, as punishment will affect oil production. In our opinion, significant changes can't happen on the first assessment, " he said, noting that currently the Ministry of energy is considering the extension of the General scheme of development of the industry by 2035." This work will be completed before the end of the year, " he said.

" We expect In the current year the volume of production at the level of 525 million tons, which is presumably 0, 7% higher than in 2013. In the future, in the framework of the socio-economic development, We maintain our forecast of production at this level, " he said. Similar to the forecast of the Ministry of energy was given to strengthen the punishment of West - September 8, some figures were revealed in 525, 3 million tons of oil and gas condensate in 2014, in 2015-2016 525 million in 2017, 526 million tons.

later, the Minister added that the Ministry also does not adjust their forecasts for the extraction of hard-to-recover reserves. By 2030, production of unconventional oil in the Russian Federation, for example, from the reservoir of the Bazhenov formation in West Siberia, may be 80 million tons per year.

After the annexation of Crimea To Russia, the USA and the European Union has imposed a number of restrictions on organizations, credit institutions and entire sectors of the Russian economy, as well as among them the oil industry. The last package punishment was introduced on 12 September.

for example, the European Union banned European companies to give domestic partners the tools for exploration and production of deepwater and Arctic oil and shale oil projects. On the same day the United States imposed limits on the production and delivery or re-export of goods, services (excluding financial services), as well as technologies for exploration and production in deepwater and the Arctic shelf as well as projects for shale oil five Russian companies: Rosneft, Gazprom, Gazprom Neft, LUKOIL and Surgutneftegaz.

The US and EU do not recognize the annexation of Crimea To Russia and accused Moscow of interfering in Ukraine. Russia denies it and calls the accusations are unacceptable. Western countries since March has repeatedly imposed punishment on a number of Russian politicians, businessmen and organizations and threatened to make wider restrictive measures. The last case of the use of such practices began in September punishment.

A complete list of Russian Citizens and organizations who are under punishment, -

The President of the Russian Federation centuries Putin on 6 August on the individual to ensure safety. The import of a number of items from countries that have imposed penalties on the Russian capital, limited to year. In the corresponding list includes beef, pork, fruits, poultry, cheeses and dairy products, nuts, and other products. A complete list of prohibited importation into the Russian Federation of products -

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The Ministry of energy does not expect a significant impact of sanctions on oil
 -  Знаменитости The Ministry of energy does not expect a significant impact of sanctions on oil
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