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The people's choice of the city Council of Odessa: the tragedy of may 2, do not wish to investigate

Ukrainian law enforcement bodies are no longer configured on the proceedings of iniquity may 2, in Odessa, when during a fire in the House of trade unions have lost a lot of supporters of antimiani, said the people's choice of the city Council of Odessa Igor Dmitriev, speaking on Wednesday in the capital of Russia at the meeting of the public support of the citizens of the South-East of Ukraine.

in the end, the tragedy happened on may 2 in Odessa, during a fire in the House of trade unions lost his life a few dozen active members " antimiani ". According to official figures, victims of 48 who received damage - more than 200. However, local people's choice Vadim Savenko said that the Kyiv authorities conceal the true information about the deceased in the House of trade unions: according to him, lost his life 116 people. MIA first recognized that 32 people lost their lives in the House of trade unions not from high temperatures and from " unknown substance ".

" law enforcement more are not on trial, and the concealment of violations, which were likely to be associated with the current authorities, " said Dmitriev. He noticed that a large array of information, from the media, was collected in the process of social investigation.

Speaking about the work of the parliamentary Commission of the Verkhovna Rada on inquiry the death of civilians in Odessa, the politician said that " the work (the Commission) is closed, its findings are of great doubt. " " the police and deputies of the Verkhovna Rada execute the order for pretoriano public resonance of this crime, " said Dmitriev.

Analyzing the reasons of what happened, the people's choice Odessa city Council said that as a result of the events of may 2, power in, got one of the financial groups, namely " Private " (controlled by businessman Igor Kolomoisky), which was quickly appointed in Odessa, his chief of security forces, up to the present moment holds the repressive actions. For example, in B.C. now detained activists antimiani." The situation in Odessa pretty tough, " summed up the people's choice.

He said that if delayed the perpetrators, they are then transferred to Kiev and there are released to freedom. The people's choice also said that Odessa is a pretty strong sentiment to obtain autonomy, as currently the city is held hostage to political infighting in the country.

" A significant part of Odessa claim about a thousand people who currently take part in the fighting in Novorossia and will soon return home, " gave an example of It. The MP is convinced that a fair hearing of crime and punishment is the guarantee of justice and peace in the city.

Kyiv authorities in April began in the East of Ukraine military operation against dissatisfied with the February coup d'etat citizens of the region. According to the UN on September eleven, the victims of the conflict was almost 3, 2 thousands of civilians, more than 8 thousand were injured body. Currently there is a ceasefire.

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The people`s choice of the city Council of Odessa: the tragedy of may 2, do not wish to investigate
 -  Знаменитости The people`s choice of the city Council of Odessa: the tragedy of may 2, do not wish to investigate
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