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Lyubimova buried in his script

In the capital spent in the last path of the famous Director and artistic Manager "Taganka" Yuri Lyubimov. Farewell to a great cultural figure was in one of the capital's theatres. With Director said goodbye as he personally bequeathed.

The capital said goodbye to a famous person, a professional Director and people's artist of Russia Yuri Lyubimov. Anyone wishing to carry out the Director's final journey could take part in the civil funeral, which took place on 8 October in the Vakhtangov Theatre. To the place of farewell from 10 a.m. began to flock colleagues, friends and just people who respected professional man and sincerely appreciated his work.

"Yuri Petrovich himself outlined the funeral ceremony, and set forth the widow of the Director Katalin Lubimov, - wanted farewell happened in the Vakhtangov Theatre, his Alma mater, where he began his journey in the art. Yuri Petrovich asked, that there was almost no speeches at the ceremony of farewell, and after the applause. He believed that reaction wrong.

During the farewell was not echoing speeches, but in the address of the deceased Director mentioned a large number of warm words. Typically, co-workers and friends celebrated the strange talent Lyubimova, calling him a man of the era, without which it is impossible to imagine the history of Russian culture. Also honored the memory of the famous Russian Director and senior officials even 1st person of the country.

Vladimir Putin sends condolences to relatives of the founder of the Taganka Theater Yuri Lyubimov. The President noted talent and its role in the development of modern theatre. The death of Yuri Lyubimov was, according to a statement by Russian President Vladimir Putin, the real irreparable loss to the theatrical world. "He was the man of unique talent and enormous creative energy, courage and inner dignity, a true master and Creator," wrote the head of state in his letter of condolences.

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said in his telegram to the relatives and friends of the Director: "it is Unrealistic to imagine the theatrical life of the Russian Federation without Yuri Petrovich Lyubimov. The memory of a famous person is permanently stored in his work and students. The memory of Yuri Petrovich forever inscribed in the history of culture of our country". Culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky, also spoke about what an invaluable contribution to the culture made people's artist. The Commissioner emphasized that the name Lyubimov will forever remain a sign of freedom and innovation.

"Gone Yuri Lyubimov. Man-age man, the universe, without which it is impossible to imagine the history of our culture. Not so long ago we were greeted Yuri Petrovich birthday. And there have to say goodbye. Immensely gifted man, a genius, gave us a priceless legacy - own pupils and creativity, now belongs to history, but constantly burning. Memory eternal!" quoted Medina RIA Novosti.

Expressed chistoserdova condolences to the families, friends, staff, and students by Yuri Lyubimov, the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill. The spiritual patron of Russia called Lyubimov "an outstanding figure of dramatic art" and "the man with the original creative talent." "God presented him a long and rich creative life. A brilliant artist, dedicated teacher, an outstanding Director - these rich person professionals has generated a great event in the theater world, one of the embodiments which Theatre on Taganka", - is told in the Patriarchal telegram.

In addition to the address of the Beloved warm words told his colleagues on the shop floor. Many artists have said that the famous author was a pioneer in its own area, and theatrical world is unlikely to know any of this talent. "Extraordinary happened mount as closed page a great deal of culture of the Russian theater and public life, which blew up the art Lyubimova 64-year 80-ies. And to this day it has remained the best reasonable gentlemen Russia - the name and work of Yuri Lyubimov," said the actor Veniamin Smekhov. According to him, work with Lyubimov was a great happiness, which he bestowed upon the Lord. Name Lyubimova, David Borovsky and Vladimir Vysotsky is something that will remain forever, when will call the Taganka Theatre the Bolshoi theatre," concluded the actor.

The closest friend of Yuri Lyubimov artist Boris Messerer reported that the severity of the Director of the Taganka Theater wore only defensive in nature. With these words he addressed the gathering at the funeral Lyubimov. "Lyubimov was a warrior who fought with art," said Messerer.

Note that the Moscow authorities have announced that Moscow will show the street names of the Director Lyubimov. A similar initiative was supported by the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin. "I think likely to support the proposal of naming one of the streets of Moscow named after Yuri Petrovich Lyubimov. I issued appropriate instructions to view services", -said the mayor. Moreover, this initiative also acted as Minister of culture. "I think the street in Moscow - it would be adequate. A very significant figure for metropolis, Metropolitan theatres, especially for the "Taganka"said Medina.

Remember that the founder of the Metropolitan Theatre on Taganka Yuri Lyubimov died in the Botkin hospital in Moscow. Director 30 September turned 97 years. The company's funeral took over the Department of culture of Moscow. The great cultural figure to be buried at a nearby cemetery.

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