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Arrived in Donbass observers criticized the OSCE and the Western media

OSCE fact did not want their functions in Ukraine And has become one of the parties to the conflict, acting against Russia, said international observer Ewald Stadler from the Austrian " Conservative reform party ", arrived to observe the elections in DND.
" I'm shocked And a little angry that the OSCE will not observe these elections. Supervision of this vote is one of the key moments in the activities of this organization. Instead, the OSCE has become a party to the conflict And conducts the policy of the US against Russia, " said the observer, reports TASS." the citizens to self-determination. They have the right to decide their Future. And have a fundamental right to elect their own representatives ", - says Stadler, RIA " Novosti ". According to him, " tomorrow will be a very important step in this direction, when citizens have the opportunity to vote "." Circumstances where the election is taking place, heavy enough, everyone knows that. However, in these special conditions special value And assumes the role of international observers, " believes Austrian politician. At the same time Stadler did not want as long as to assess elections in DND, saying that one must " show the entire election process."" Ask me tomorrow or the day after. After the tenth section of the overall picture will become clear, " said the observer, stating that in his opinion will be unbiased." in my opinion no pressure. For my trip I was paying himself", " He assured. Speaking about election assessment in DND AND LNR from the official European institutions (They have already told that he will refuse to acknowledge them), Stadler called this attitude to the elections in the East of Ukraine " biased "." They will not listen to our reports, unfortunately. Although this conflict is a good example of how different the views of governments (European countries) And the public, " He said. He Also gave a comparison of the elections in DND With a referendum in Kosovo." If you remember, the referendum in Kosovo was adopted even before It took place. If you received it, why do you refuse to elections And referendums others?" - said the politician." My arrival is only a small contribution I can make to the development of democracy in the region. I also Want to see what's going on here, " said He. A colleague of Stadler, Commissioner of the Italian party " Forward, Italy Alessandro Musolino expressed the view that the Western media are not objective in their coverage of political processes in Eastern Ukraine. According to him, He came to see with their own eyes whether the hysterical reaction of the Western media the truth or not." From the first minute of his stay here I see the opposite of that claimed by the Western media, " said Italian politician." Freedom And the power of the people is not something that can be respected only when it suits our interests. The future of this earth - it is entirely in the hands of the inhabitants of the DND AND LNR, " He said. To talk about the process of preparing for the elections in DND It is not wanted." Let's wait till tomorrow, will see how They go. Besprepjatstvenno whether They vote, does everyone have the opportunity to vote, " said Musolino. Remember, the election of the heads And deputies of the parliaments of Donetsk And Lugansk national republics will be held on 2 November 2014.


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Arrived in Donbass observers criticized the OSCE and the Western media
 -  Знаменитости Arrived in Donbass observers criticized the OSCE and the Western media
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