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Daughter brought Eva Mendes to exhaustion

Popular Hollywood actress Eva Mendes for the first time gave an interview about his newborn daughter, which is carefully silent. 40-year-old mother confessed, in fact largely tired of the hassle about the little girl and already thinking to hire a nanny.

Eva Mendes participated in the filming for publication Violet Grey, where it appeared in the form of glamorous brunette with subtle caret. Photoshoot Hollywood diva was accompanied by an interview, in which he stated about his newborn daughter Esmeralda Amadц?. 40 years eve confessed that she doesn't come easy to motherhood, because she is raising the baby without the baby.

"I was totally exhausted. I thought these crazy nights behind, but it was only a small part. This tumultuous time in my life," said a tired Eva Mendes, noting that they are ready to consider the summary of the sitters. While Eva and Ryan take care of the baby help brothers and sisters, ready to watch your favorite niece at any time, however at night for the baby looks just eve.

"At night it is extremely tough to deal with sleepiness. And do not understand the correct steps I take, looking for Esmeralda. But I try to keep calm even in the most hectic moments. I often visit on the web resources about mothers and children and find this peace. The realization that I don't 1 go through such problems, actually calms me down," he stated Mendes.

Eva reported that, knowing motherhood, she was filled with an even greater appreciation for my mother, who at the age of 24 managed to look immediately for 3 children when none was 4 years old. "She lived in Cuba absolutely 1 with 3 small children. And in the most difficult times I think about it and know that I have no right to complain about anything," said the actress.

The choice of the name is Esmeralda Amad - Hollywood diva explained by the fact that they are with Ryan Gosling like the main heroine incorruptible of Victor Hugo's novel "Notre Dame de Paris", and as 2 name - Amad - it means in Spanish "beloved". The so-called grandmother eve.

About entertaining the position of Eva Mendes became known in early July. Then the media went to quote a close friend of the couple, who stated that the actress literally wanted to marry a Gosling, learning about their own pregnancy. "After eve realized that she is ready to become a mother, she wants to share this skill with Ryan. This is her dream for her reality!" - he told.

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes met about 3 years ago. The actors worked together on the film "a place in the pines". In the story between the main characters is in a relationship, and so it was that on-screen romance turned into a novel real. Hollywood celebrities spent a lot of time together and not have to hide from the paparazzi and the fans of the artists quickly learned about their romantic relationships.

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